selling stuff on kijiji is tough

I have been trying to sell some items I no longer use on Kijiji. I so far could sell one item for $20 and gave away another item free. These feels good 🙂

I had one to be picked by someone who 3 days later decided to pass… argh! Since she seemed genuinely interested in, I had reserved the item for her. Guess, what; she does not want it anymore. The same thing with the item I gave away for free; someone was very interested in, would be picking two days ago, and did not even respond to my reminder email!! Luckily it went to someone else who was interested in and prompt to get it.

People; if you make a commitment, please honour it, will you?

I re-posted the remaining items. Honestly this takes time and now more than getting the money, I am interested in getting rid of them. The feeling of not being successful in selling/getting rid of the items and dealing with people who would disrupt the process is getting on my nerves. So I devised a couple of motivating ways. For example, if people get more than one item at the same time, I am providing a discount. If they get it within 24 hours, there is another discount. I hope this will help people to want to get them sooner.

If I cannot sell these items within three days or so, I will re-post them for one last time. After that, I guess giving them away for free will be the way. This would be cool too, only that I will be donating the money raised to animal shelter, so I really would like them to be sold 🙂

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