a girl needs her nails

I usually keep my nails short. But today I wished I had longer nails… Alas!

September is here meaning that anything that needs minor repair or painting around the house better be done within this month. While I had thought I could leave these choir till October, since today was an incredibly warm and sunny day and also a paid holiday, I decided to finish my minor stuff around the house.

First thing first; I re-stained my front stairs and back yard deck. Man…. sanding these off, cleaning, and then staining on my knees was not easy for my back but I did make it! I am proud of myself 🙂

I also painted a couple of outside window sills; now everything is shinny and sturdy, and I am not afraid of rain/snow eating them away 🙂

But one thing that took maybe around 2 hours was removing the duck tape and its sticky remnants from my sidings. See; my siding had detached from under the window of my bedroom and until the repair guys came in (took a year; they said the trim was not available…. argh……), I had used duck tape to stick the siding together and to prevent water damage to the house.

After the repair has been done, I had tried to remove the duck tape with little success. While I could remove the majority of it, the sticky glue was hard to get rid of. This has been last year, I guess….. It looked like dirt and quite unpleasant to sight. I do not know why I did not think about finding a more professional and effective way to get rid of these then. Sometimes my mind focuses on different things I guess. Or, I have other things that require my attention.

Anyways, yesterday night I checked on the internet and there are many solutions; from commercial solutions to peanut butter to warm vinegar to canola oil to heating up with a hair dryer.

The hair dryer made sense to me as it gets warm I thought the glue would be easier to peel. I was half right – it did help and I was able to lift off the tapes but not the glue. I tried many different things including a small scissor, but eventually it was the nails that did take away the majority of the glue….. It took me around 2 hours to scratch, I was beat at the end, and I am sure my neighbours did not appreciate the noise coming from the hair dryer, yet I gave my best and took out maybe 80% of all the ugly stuff. I could not do much for the rest, even though I tried really hard, but eventually that is what it is I guess.

It may not look like a new siding, yet it sure looks a lot better than the last one year 🙂


4 thoughts on “a girl needs her nails

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  1. I consider my nails tools! I use them for lots of things. It sounds like you got a ton of stuff done today. That’s awesome! I’m sure it feels great knowing that it’s all done now for awhile.

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    1. I understood that today very well that nails are incredibly useful tools 🙂 will sure repurpose them more in the future. I have done a lot today, without planning ahead. it went well to my surprise too. I stain my deck/stairs every year and patch up the window sills. I guess I have just got more experienced and less anxious about doing these, which helps me do things without getting crazy stressed and hasty ( !) 🙂

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    1. I think I have read it somewhere; there is a product with that name, or something similar. everybody says that it works wonders. next time I sure will give it a try. for a lazy person like myself, I do not know why I did not look for such a solution. oh, well … 🙂

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