would I follow my own blog?

Honestly I have no idea…

Let me contemplate for a minute or two…..

I have a tendency to follow blogs that are focused on certain themes (like gratitude, cats, poetry, recipes, bread-baking, or minimalism). If I was to look for such a blog that is focused on one or two topics I think I would be more inclined not to follow my blog.

This is because I have no focus on particular themes. Generally speaking I write about anything  – any day I may come up with a post on something different. I think sometimes it makes it hard to follow or sometimes perhaps interesting/stimulating – after all variety and spontaneity may be interesting time to time, at least for me.

Or, is it?

So, I must ask my fellow bloggers and followers:

Why do you guys follow me really?

And, why would you or would not follow your own blog if you were someone else?

17 thoughts on “would I follow my own blog?

Add yours

  1. I can’t remember why I started following your blog, but I do enjoy reading your posts. Like you, my blog has no particular focus, which I like. I get bored of reading the same thing, which is what I find with blogs that have a theme. Plus, your bread always looks so darn yummy.


  2. I’m not good at very many things when it comes to writing, my grammar and spelling are exceptionally bad some days, but spontaneity is definitely something I’m good at. I write about whatever comes to my mind and there’s something so exciting and thrilling about it! I love to read blogs that are totally spontaneous and random over ones that are very planned out and go around a central theme (unless you’re theme is being spontaneous and random, then you’ve killed two birds with one stone). I feel that I really get to know the author personally when they write about things that just come into their head on a whim. I hope this answers you’re question!

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    1. thank you very much for this comment. i fully agree with you on re; structured blogs that somehow make me hesitant to get to know the author. I think that is an excellent point that made certain things clear to me. And re; spelling etc.. oh, my, do not worry about it 🙂 it is okay as what it is (English is my second language for example; I do not have a great grammar/spelling myself), and happy to see the author as they are. I for one am not looking for a perfect writing; only authentic, sincere, and informative (i.e. a post/blog from which I can learn..) cheers!

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  3. I follow your blog because it is authentic and sincere. I love that you write about random things, I love that you write about your journal, your breads, your budget, whatever you may be having thoughts about you share and that’s why I love following your blog!! 🙂 Variety is the spice of life!! I like to deviate from my daily posts and write poems or stories it does help to keep the blog more interesting. 🙂

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    1. “life and everything it entails”. exactly! there is so much to contemplate, experience, think, and write about life, our lives, so why to restrict it? life is rich so are our words. write as you please – looking forward to your posts!

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