a quick note on coupons

While I am not into coupons, I used one today (BOGO); it was for my favorite soap that was also on sale at a nearby store. I could not help but ask the cashier whether I could use it (argh – very in-experienced couponer here 🙂 ) and it turned out that I could. I paid $2.99 (plus tax) for 4 bars of soap that otherwise would cost me $8.98 (plus tax).

Can you imagine?

The coupons came in an insert with the weekly flyer combo. While I love looking at them and deciding what to purchase every week, this week’s insert was the one that delighted me most. I have a coupon for the hair dye I must buy and I sure will use it before it expires 🙂

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  1. The thing I don’t like about coupons is when I forget the coupon at home and then don’t want to shop in the store even if it’s convenient at the time because I don’t have the coupon.

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    1. :))) there is so much to not like about coupons, is there not? i do not like to print them out from internet; so I only use them if they come in with inserts or on the product’s box/cover. Luckily I only carry 2-3 coupons with me and I usually remember them (I only keep the coupons for the items I regularly use). But your case never happened to me – ouch!

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  2. I love coupons but rarely have the time to sit down and get them ready for shopping. There’s a couple places like World Market that send email and text coupons all the time. It can be annoying getting all those messages because i don’t go very often but when I do, it’s nice to just pull out my phone and find a coupon.


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