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In between unproductive but critical meetings, fire-fighting all bunch of operational issues, dealing with difficult people often with little energy, feeling hyper-active and at the same time on the edge, and looking forward to 5 days trip to Europe next week as if it is my only way to relax (even though it too is a business related trip).

This pretty much summarizes the current situation of mine. I am so looking forward to reading the posts, yet I have so little time and mental clarity. It gotta wait till I find some kind of peace away from work.

Until then my friends.

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

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  1. I love the new site design and this post touches home right now. Other that the trip to Europe. 🙂 have fun while your out here and make some memories. Far too many times have I seen a plane, a hotel, a factory, then a plane and missed the best thing about leaving the country. Different things. Make time to make memories.

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    1. thank you very much 🙂 it feels good to have support and good wishes. I am determined to enjoy my life during my trip. and possibly after that too. let’s hope that you are right and I will be able to make new and positive memories 🙂


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