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I am writing just because and I have no idea how this post will develop. We shall see.

It has been a miserable day today, with light rain and gray sky. Do you not love it? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The only positive coming out of this colorless day is to be able to notice the trees changing colours; all the red, brown, and yellow leaves… Either on the trees or on the ground. I walked by a house with a yard full of fallen leaves. It was so beautiful… What a contrast these colours make with the sky around us and what a blessing to notice them.

Despite the depressing weather, I walked both in the morning and the afternoon. I even saw a colleague of mine biking. How great is that we are making an effort to keep healthy (and frugal)?

My aim of 2 carb-less days per week did not solidify yet. Yesterday I had a bagel in the morning and today I had half a slice of bread with dinner. Both felt very good Β and tasty πŸ™‚ Yet, I will continue to make an effort to curb the refined carbs. I am doing good otherwise, eating raw veggies and protein. I hope to continue like this as there is a noticeable difference.

While it is a busy time of the year, yesterday I thought about the holiday time-off. We have two more months to go but still thinking about it makes me excited. We have something like 2 weeks off that I really love. My plans are the usual: taking a rest, minimal work, deep cleaning, airing, and decluttering the house, and shopping. I would love to take advantage of the sales.

I also would like to read books this time. Last year I had bought the “A Game of Thrones” series and was very excited about reading the books until I got stuck at the 2nd book. That one is so boring, my goodness, I need extra motivation to go thru it. I was told that many readers feel the same way about this book, yet once it is done, the rest was as captivating as the 1st book. I believe in this… I will read these books πŸ™‚

As usual, I will also socialize during the holidays and will find time to spend time with my friends. Not sure whether I would host at my home, but I sure will be attending others’ functions.

Holiday season also means the season of gift. I am lucky that gifting for me is not extensive, but I buy gifts for two friends and my good neighbours. The entire year (I cannot believe that time passes this quickly) I was looking for nice gifts, yet I was not successful in getting any yet. I have a couple of ideas and I hope the month of November will give me a lot of options to choose from.

On a separate note, I seem to have got cold. It is Murphy’s Law again; I have a talk tomorrow. I hope to feel better till then πŸ™‚

Until next time, stay safe and positive πŸ™‚


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  1. I like the way this post turned…although the day was gray and miserable, you certainly focused on the positive and exciting things to come!! How lovely that you get two weeks off at the holidays…what a treasure! I hope your cold is better and that your talk went well! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! πŸ™‚ The colors of the trees are so beautiful right now, we must take the moments to appreciate them as you have!

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    1. Thanks Deb. This year the fall scenery has been exceptional. I love the colours and the way nature says that it is time to shed the old scars and get ready for the healing/hibernation prior to the awakening again in Spring. When I think this way it gives me a chance to reflect on my life and make me feel more in the flow and accepting the change as it is πŸ™‚

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      1. I love how you described that. You are right, we all need time to stop, hibernate, release the old, get rid of what no longer serves us, and prepare ourselves for the new…expand our horizons come Spring!! Enjoy the scenery!! πŸ™‚

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