no spending day

I just realized today was a no-spending-day since I do not know when…

I am so excited about this.

I walked and did not pay for bus and I absolutely bought nothing today; no coffee, no treats, no grocery, no nothing….

I remember last year when I first aimed to have a no-spending day it was so difficult…

I feel like I am coming back to my lean budget as of this week and it is making me feel very empowered and abled. This has nothing to do with my accidental no-spending-day today, but both are what make me excited in terms of achieving my goals.

It is interesting that spending less money can make one that excited about herself 🙂

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    1. thank you buddy 🙂 it is not frequent unless I walk in the mornings and evenings to work (I consider the bus fare an expense) and it is a weekday (I shop and treat myself with little things at the weekends, like coffee and bagels). but today was another no spending day, which excites me 🙂


    1. because a) until last year I did not have a great budget so spending almost everyday, even in small amounts, did not look abnormal, b) when finally I had a great budget last year, I had limited energy to walk in the mornings – so I had to take the bus (which meant spending money for that day), and c) thanks to my iron and vitamin D supplements I now have energy and can walk in the mornings to work when the weather permits it…Thanks for asking this question 🙂 I now have a better idea myself 🙂

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