weekly budget check

Yay! The second week on minimal spending plan has been a success 🙂


expenses related to weekly allowance: $38.25

funds left from weekly allowance (re; fun funds): $81.8

total fun funds accumulated to this day: -$44.5 (it is still on the negative side, but it is getting closer to $0 at least. Considering that just 2 months ago I had -$300 in this funds says a lot, does it not?… I hope to make it positive till new year and hopefully really use these funds for something I can really enjoy 🙂 )

other expenses: $203. This included a set of plates I ordered (I love them; the set I have has been with me for 15 years. It was time to retire it. I am not sorry for this expense; rather I am pretty much delighted…) and an expensive dinner I had had with my friends last weekend.


This “minimal spending” plan aims to limit my weekly allowance expenses (transportation, grocery, weekend breakfast etc.) till the holidays season so that I can save  funds to use during shopping during the holidays 🙂

As part of this plan, I walked everywhere this past week and saved my transportation funds. The number of days this week in which I did not spend any money was 4. I also am trying to consume what I already have, so my grocery expenses are pretty less than before and I had no breakfast-related expense this week. While I have lots of food and each week also buy fresh produce, I am not sure how long I can keep going like this (I am especially fond of my breakfast at the weekends), but I am making a great progress towards saving for my shopping plans 🙂

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  1. they the formula should not be: income – expenses = savings
    but rather: income – savings = expenses
    meaning you have to set a goal first for your savings, whatever’s left should just be your expenses
    now, I don’t recommend sacrificing your breakfast, but rather, sacrifice your dinner
    vegetable juices are a good substitute for food, so if ever you have a juicer, you may take in a glass of juice in place of a meal

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    1. 🙂 thanks for the comments. I only note my variable (not fixed, like mortgage) expenses and savings from my weekly allowance. The idea is to monitor these expenses and see whether I can save an extra buck or two. No worries – I save and invest approximately 30% of my net income. When I said “sacrifice” it is not clear – I meant that I do not buy my self breakfast; I rather eat at home (though I am very affectionate of my weekend breakfast and I may as well start eating outside again)


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