shopping spree continues :)

I have been shopping lately; I bought a new sewing machine, ordered plate sets, and yesterday and today I have been to shopping malls – yay! 🙂

Do not worry; I buy what I must and am absolutely taking advantage of the deals. I have done well with my sewing machine (almost 40% off), plate sets (50% off), and others I bought this weekend. I am also shopping to replace old and unhealthy pieces at my kitchen- whether or not they are on sale does not matter to me (my health is more important, right?).

For example; I have got rid of two non-stick frying pans that were now full of scratches. Honestly I do not like non-stick products at all (stainless steel is the healthiest, but it unfortunately sticks..). So I wrestled quite a bit with myself and only after I promised myself that I would take excellent care of this new one and never buy another one again in the next 5 years or so, I placed the new non-stick frying pan in my shopping cart.

Similarly, I had also noticed that the lids of some of my mason jars were blackened here and there. After all these years of faithful service, I thought it was time to replace them (I think it is rust…). So I have got covers and lids for the small and the large jars and am slowly replacing all that are in bad shape. For my health, that is one great investment and I am feeling very good about it.

And today, I have got myself a nice french presser (coffee maker) to use at home. It was on my shopping list for some time and when I saw today that one product was on sale and there was an additional 25%, I could not help but buy that beautiful rouge presser 🙂 I had decided to buy a french presser because of three reasons: when I host at home, I bring in the one at my office which is cumbersome; I now am getting my weekend coffee at home rather than at a coffee shop (and interestingly I very much enjoy this); and I thought that I could also brew tea in it (I also needed a new tea pot). With one product, many problems solved 🙂

And of course I am building, however slowly, my sewing supplies, like thread etc. It will take some time to get everything I need, but I am getting there. And it is very exciting 🙂

Overall, I have had a great weekend and I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday night 🙂



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  1. I also did some shopping this weekend – my finger is sore from clicking my mouse. After spending too much money and never leaving my comfy chair, I told hubby “Shopping is so exhausting, you’ll need to fix dinner tonight.” On the positive side, some of it arrived this morning – gotta love Amazon Prime!!

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    1. hah haa!! I also would feel exhausted; online browsing of many different stores/deals and identifying items is not easy 🙂 But it is a lot of fun! in your case of course having a dinner without your involvement must be an excellent feeling 🙂 enjoy your newly purchased items 🙂

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  2. I’m glad to hear that you had a nice weekend!! I always worry about those non stick pans that are all scratched up too. I know it’s not healthy but sometimes they are my favorite pans.

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    1. I am 🙂 you are right – I am a perfectionist and I expect too much from myself (and others). argh… does not get better with age, but at least I am more focused on positive now. Anyways: I have got Singer 7258 – Stylist. It is a beaut 🙂


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