how did I breathe the same air for two days?

Do our homes aerate themselves, or do we keep breathing the same stale air over and over?

I have 6-7 plants that are supposed to generate oxygen during night, but I am assuming our homes are not air-sealed and I hope there is some exchange is happening here and there.

Otherwise, it would mean that in the last 50 hours or so, I have just breathed the same air because since Friday evening I have not left my home!!!

I do not know how that happened! Even in snow days I would get out of home, even for a short time.

I am surprised.

Very surprised.

I know I was supposed to get out and shop on Saturday, but it was heavily raining that day. So I stayed in, cleaned the house, did the laundry. Okay….


Why did I not get out today?

I do not know.. But what I know is that this is possibly the first time in the last handful decades that I have stayed in for two days straight.

I hope I will not do this again – it does not feel right.

Time to start my weekend breakfast at the nearby cafe again – they almost motivated me to get out and made me enjoy my day right away….. I missed the smell of the coffee and the taste of the bagel….. I missed carrying the cup out with me and drinking it while walking…. I missed feeling the fresh air on my cheeks and nostrils… I missed being with the life that is happening outside.

Lessons learnt and over.



13 thoughts on “how did I breathe the same air for two days?

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    1. there have been times that I wanted that too; like when I am exhausted and did not want to see anyone, or do anything, just snuggle up at home nice and cozy… But in all cases I at least went out even for a short time and got a cup of coffee or something… Anyways; I cannot think about the 3rd day myself – I am so grateful that tomorrow is Monday and I will go to work :))))

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  1. I love weekends like this. I think I’m a home bird, I do however feel like I’ve accomplished something if I’m up and out first thing on a weekend even if I’ve done nothing more than go to the shop. 😂

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  2. Haha…I rarely go out of the house every weekend (except for church, of course)
    When I was still a student, and it’s summer vacation (no classes for two straight months), I only go out of the house to go to church (that’s every Wednesday and every Saturday)
    To think I only go out of our house twice a week! Well maybe because it’s not part of your lifestyle, but I think it’s healthy whenever you do that perhaps once or twice a month? For a change? Haha

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  3. I never stay at home for more than a few hours at a time. I think it has something to do with living alone. I need to get out where there are other people. However, I don’t think it’s bad to say home for a couple days — I bet you saved a bit of money 😉

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