I love my money

No, not in a way that it becomes the entire focus of my life.

No, not in a way that I would do anything to have it or keep it.

No, not in a way that I would sacrifice the quality of my life, well being, safety, or security.


I love my money in a way that I would like to see it in my chequing account and not getting crazy about not having enough money because I am so interested in investing it for my future or paying my mortgage early.

There, I said it.

Watching my chequing account and trying hard, very hard, to see it not dropping to a negative level is getting on my nerves.

I have had negative balance starting three years ago till last December (when it was finally positive). I like it being positive. I like it growing every paycheque. I like using it to contribute to my RRSP, HBP payments, TFSA, and a personal retirement plan. But since all of these are significant contributions (totaling around 20K each year), certainly coming up with these amount of money is a significant commitment and effort on my side.

Do not get me wrong; I love saving, being frugal, finding ways to limit spending and waste, and help secure my future.

What I do not like is to constantly feeling like I am running out of money and I must be very careful while spending my own money. This has started to bug me a lot lately because I have no reason to reduce the quality of my life or to generate extra stress for my life by getting anxious about my money and my chequing account.

My mortgage will be paid in a shorter time than many; whether I can make it 2 years earlier should not matter to me right now.

Right now, I want to breathe.

That is why I am not going to make that 5K extra contribution to my mortgage before the new year (that I had planned).

Making that contribution would make my chequeing account quite low (still on the positive side, but low) and I would be spending the next 6 months saving another 5K for my personal retirement payment in summer. And, when I make it, then I would be saving money this time to again beef up my chequeing account and buffer for extra expenses that may happen.

Forget that..

It is becoming a constant struggle, a source of stress and even sadness, to keep constantly save large amounts of money for something.

Should I not be instead celebrating all the positive changes I have made in my life with my budget and savings?

Yes, I should be feeling like celebrating rather than struggling….

8 thoughts on “I love my money

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    1. I like what I do but I hate the feeling of constantly saving, then putting that money into something useful, going back to low money, start saving again, and etc. this cycle while very useful for me has also been feeling like constant struggle. I refuse to feel bad about what I am doing. that is why i will not make that contribution this year so that my chequing account will keep being at a good level…psychology 🙂

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  1. Yes, you should be very proud of what you have done. While I am all about being frugal and paying off my mortgage sooner as well, it is also important to keep a balance between saving and living. We have to treat ourselves once and a while and enjoy life (treat ourselves without going into debt I mean). Maybe reevaluate the amount of money you are aiming to save per month so you don’t feel so deprived? Good luck. 🙂

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    1. thank you 🙂 all I have to do is to keep that chequeing account at a good level all the time. By not making the extra mortgage payment I hope to keep it constantly grow, rather than going back to low levels. seriously – my psychology does not take this well! 🙂 i am not feeling deprived (rather amazingly I feel abundant re; material) but when comes to money, it has been feeling weird really :))))

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  2. It sounds like you are doing pretty amazing. I struggle pay cheque to pay cheque, and I have a difficult time cutting back on spending. I don’t buy large items, my spending is usually stuff like coffees or wine. You should be very proud of yourself, and give yourself some breathing room. Life is short — you never know how long you will have.

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    1. thank you my friend – exactly! i do not deserve this negative feeling. I want to enjoy my life and myself. this does not mean that I will spend all my money. No, I will continue to save but I will keep that chequeing account at a good level. Otherwise I feel like I am penniless all over again :))))

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  3. Ha! I know this feeling. I’ve spent much of December saddened by my depleting accounts and then I got paid and I’m totally excited at how much money is sitting in my account. I’m hoping that by the end of 2017, I can have a month’s worth of income just sitting in my accounts. Looking good

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