financial challenges I assign to myself this year

I love assigning financial challenges to me and then seeing how I am doing 🙂

In the recent years, my first such joyful challenge was shopping freeze – I first applied it to books and then to shoes/clothes. I still did purchase a few of these items during the year, but hey, I had assigned these freezes for only a short time and they were needed when I purchased them. It is interesting that these freezes become habits quite soon after I first started them. Human attitude is quite plastic – it does change easier than we would like to think.

Anyways; the two things that I would like to try this year are the followings:

1. super-duper lean spending month. A fellow blogger suggested a no spend month, who I unfortunately cannot remember (raise your hand if you read this! 🙂 ).

Honestly I have no idea what no spend month means. I only think that the grocery, medication, transportation, and other essentials are excluded from this challenge.

Knowing my budget and daily life and requirements, I am pretty sure I cannot keep up with this – there will be at least work-place or socialization-related expenses; somebody will require some sort of gifts/donations, or I will find myself needing something all of a sudden. So, I do not have an interest in no spend month challenge.

So, why the hey am I talking about it here?

I want to give it a try and see whether I can rather aim for a “super-duper lean spending month“. That would mean finding alternative ways to contribute/donate/gift people; refuse or deflect social encounters (this is a challenge, but doable); and think really, really hard before I open my purse for anything other than essential grocery, cleaning and personal care products, transportation, medication and so on.

Certainly doable! 🙂

I am thinking February is a great time to do this challenge. And, no, not because it has less days than a regular month 🙂 I chose it because right now I have a good momentum in terms of spending (i.e. I shopped and stocked up quite a bit in Nov-Dec; that means in January I project to spend quite low anyhow).

I am curious how it will fold up 🙂

2. Pantry/freezer challenge: I have many food stored in my pantry and freezer. I have been meaning to consume them during the holidays, but time flied and things/socials happened. But I have not stopped thinking about it. My plan is to eat at least one meal per week prepared by the food already stocked up at my home. I also plan not to stock up any further until I consume half of the entire stock (then I can start stocking up them when they are on sale).

I kind of started it today when I baked a bean dish with the dry beans and frozen carrots 🙂

I know if I can put it in my to-do-list, I will make an effort to work on this challenge.  That is why I plan to record my pantry/freezer challenge activities within my weekly budget check posts.

If you have other challenges, please feel free to comment 🙂


9 thoughts on “financial challenges I assign to myself this year

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  1. We were the “no spenders”! I like the super-duper lean month wording better though. No spending implies NO SPENDING! I think we were leaning more towards your super-duper lean spending month concept. We’re not willing to forgo every social event.

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    1. I knew it!!!! 🙂 I was 90% sure it was you but then since I was not completely sure I did not want to mention your name in the post. Yes, my friend; let’s make february super-duper month while not killing every enjoyable activity in our lives. I am ready for it 🙂

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  2. That’s great! I’m currently undertaking an uber lean month to get myself out of my spendy December habits. Like you, I have a lot of food in the pantry since there was loads of eating out last month.

    No spend months seems to individual and I tend to take it literally and feel awful so this leaner version works for me to see if I can build some savings.

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    1. great! 🙂 I too would feel negative with a no spending month. I am using the term “minimal spending” for my grocery expenses (reduced) in the past few weeks, and even that feels like negative to me. I like “lean” better – it is nice, not negative at all, and makes the point rather well. All the best with your uber savings! 🙂

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