I wonder whether the end of humanity is near….

There is so many violence, armed attacks, conflicst, wars, and problems in the world that I cannot help but think maybe we are getting close to a significant conflict that will involve too many people, too many countries, and to many blood….

I honestly hope that I am wrong, but, come on!; a day does not pass without bad news here and there that clips the hope I have for the future of the entire human population and all countries.

A classic example of “social depression”?

What is the cause of heightened level of this social depression? Are these events more frequent now? Occur in unusual ways? Are we hearing more of these events now? Are we more empathetic? Are the casualities closer to home?

Based on my limited knowledge on history, mostly based on some novels I have read and some movies I have watched, I thought overall in the past we have had more violence. I thought now overall we were more tolerant and reasonable in our actions and social structures. I think we are better overall and our lives are also better (on the average of course): we have more resources as food and shelter. It does not apply to everyone, every country – I am very aware of this. But I thought overall the humanity has been improving. Except that we also have many organized or sporadic violence and hurt induced by who knows what. Except that through internet and social media, it becomes almost impossible not to hear them.

I know I will go back to my hope in a couple of days should there be no other bad news. But the increasing frequency of these events are very alarming. I fear that it will become our normal and we will watch passively a shift in our overall lives, or we will react and get polarized deeper and deeper. Just when we need unity most.

I hope I am wrong that there is a widespread social depression. I hope that things will be straightened out without further conflicts, pain, loss, and injustice in a very short time.

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  1. It’s just awful trying to watch the news. It’s easy to think that we are going to destroy ourselves soon the way that it is all being reported. But maybe we’re just seeing more of it because of all the cameras around now.

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    1. yes that contributes a lot, and also in some places the attacks are increasingly happening I guess. the increased frequency is the one that alarms me; it is as if it is intensifying… you may just be right that it is just a matter of following news. But still, it is so depressing my friend 😦

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  2. First of all, Happy and Healthy New Year! I’ve been so busy. Work is still insane. A total of 4 people left from my team, including my boss. Tough times.

    I feel the same way you do. It’s becoming too depressing to watch (or read) the news. I know it’s important to be aware of what’s going on, but it’s becoming a burden. It’s also interfering with my inner peace and tranquility. I need a break from bad news and sadness. I already live in a complicated mess, and adding all this gives me more stress. Don’t need it.

    All we can do is contribute with kindness. No matter what, we should remind people that there’s still kindness in this world and the only way to accomplish that is through actions. No matter how pissed off and disappointed we feel inside. Hopefully, someone will follow the same steps.

    I hope 2017 is kind to all of us. xoxo

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    1. I thought after reading your post about the “doctors with hugs”, I should reach out to you and congratulate your new year too – you were faster than me 🙂 happy new year to you too Rebecca! 🙂 May the new year bring all the joy, health, happiness, peace, kindness, empathetic doctors who give us hugs(!), and everything else we may need for a meaningful and joyful life 🙂
      thanks for this comment – it is the kindness and understanding that can make a difference. I feel very bad for all the innocent people suffer all around the world (not only the North America) because of the violence and all other inhumane practices…. Your comment gave me hope that even though I feel powerless in such situations, there are still things I can do to help this life and world a little bit better, positive, and hopeful. Happy new years again and all the best 🙂

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          1. …hmm…not really sarcastic…(I think I’ve gotten a lot of sarcasm virus from my brother, darn it)
            but…well, to be honest, humanity is driven to destruction…although I am a STRONG believer that at the end of everything, the goodness will still prevail

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            1. 🙂 well, you are then really an optimist! 🙂 see, I am not an optimist, rather inclined towards pessimism and think hat eventually we cannot know the future for sure. But I totally agree with you that human is the worst and the most destructive animal yet.

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                  1. let’s just laugh it all off, sneer at it BUT don’t forget to initiate change in the world…
                    what you’re doing might be small, and may seem insignificant, but don’t forget that there are people who look up to you and take your example…
                    on a general sense, humanity’s ain’t gonna be better, but I don’t think REAL HUMANS won’t go extinct entirely 😉😊😁😘

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                    1. I was not sarcastic or laughing in my comment above (just to clarify) 🙂 we can get extinct, we can survive till eternity. I do not know. Either was is a possibility. BUT yes, being positive and giving hope when some others lost is important.

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                    2. well, in my case (and probably my brother’s case) we shrug it off via sarcasm…I know you’re very disappointed with how the world had turn out now…but fret not
                      with me, I got tired getting depressed by it, so to keep up the humor (and to maintain my optimistic mood) I turn to sarcasm (don’t take my example ‘coz people might misunderstood you)

                      All in all, we have our own ways to deal with it, to help improve the situation, and inspire others to unlift our fellowmen 😊😉😁👌💞

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