hoarding food

I cannot believe how much frozen and dried/canned food I have….

I have decided lately that it has been time to start consuming the food I already have at home.

A quick inventory showed that I have frozen beef, bones (for stock), chicken, cooked meals, green beans, mixed veggies, bread, bread crumbs, zucchini, carrots, and celery sticks, and another set of green beans, in addition to phyllo dough in my freezer. If I was to consume them, I believe they would be enough for two months or longer…..

Another inventory, this time of the pantry showed that I have a lot of rice, bulghur (cracked wheat), dry beans, dry eggplant, dry peppers, dry okra, dehydrated soup, pasta, other soup materials, lentils, many cans of beans (which I love), canned soup, tomato paste and others (not counting around 20 kg of flour). Another month or two’s food…..

I am making an effort to consume these before they expire or go bad. I must do that to limit my food consumption. I have stopped buying frozen food, beef-chicken, and dried food for now. My plan is to not buy any of these items till I consume the half of the stock….

I must admit it is boring to think that I must eat what I have.

Why is that?

I have been trying analyze this and I realized that I like to buy and stock up food. I guess it makes me feel good about myself. I think I feel safer that way. I should also mention that I like the pleasure of choosing, buying, and storing them. Was I subjected to famine in the past life? (just joking – I do not believe in past lives 🙂 ).

But when they are not consumed and hoarded like this, the entire fun starts to diminish…

There are important lessons that I have learnt along this process.

Some of these food, like chicken, is not something I regularly consume. I will never stock chicken again – when I want them I can purchase fresh ones and cook whatever I want. But no more hoarding.

Freezing veggies (by blanching) is a great idea and I enjoyed doing this. But I must make mental notes to eat them after that. I started blanching and freezing veggies to limit my food waste. It is sad to see that unless they are eaten, they are still wasted….

The same goes with the frozen meal. I have 4 containers of chicken soup… What was I thinking? Since i do not enjoy eating the same food more than twice a week, that means, it will take me a month to fully get rid of them…..

I want to have a practice of cooking at least one meal using the pantry/freezer treasures (a.k.a. hoarded food) every week. i started this last week and it is going well.

Honestly, while it is valuable and gives me a sense of security, the food I have is too much this time. I really gotta find a balance of a healthy level of stocking  food up and consuming them 🙂



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  1. I think eating something fresh once in a while ain’t bad…
    It’s a good thing that you came to realization early enough before all your hoarded food becomes inedible…
    I think with veggies, it’s better to consume them fresh, so might as well not hoard a lot of it next time

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      1. It’s not all bad y’know…at least you learned something in life, and probably not repeat the same mistake again (though I don’t think it’s a mistake either)
        Maybe when you’ve consumed all those stuff, you’ll be able to manage your food consumption and food budgetting

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        1. i do no think it is bad either. I just want to consume them but since i also consume a lot of fresh produce and do not eat breakfast or lunch during the week, it will take a loooooong time to finish these fod. a tasks taking too long. that is my biggest challenge (I am not a patient person)

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  2. Have you ever heard of the $21 challenge? It’s where you challenge yourself to drastically cut back on your grocery shopping for a week and focus on eating what you already have.

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    1. yes I have 🙂 I have heard many challenges and good and bad experiences ghe challengers experienced:)) that is okay. My aim is to prioritize to eat what I already have so that these food can find their use while also I save money and open space for fresher ones 🙂 thanks for the comment

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  3. GOod for you! It’s critical to not waste food, not only for your own budget, for the efficiency of the whole food production worldwide. Here in the US, we even have the government running tv ads (savethefood.com) to encourage people not to waste food! How ridiculous that we have to be told. It is estimated we waste 40% of the food produced, that is unacceptable, but it starts at home. People complain about what they perceive as the high price of food, but if they are throwing out 40% – well, i don’t need to go on. I love chattin’ with thinking people like you.

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    1. thanks tauna – i too enjoy chatting with and listening to you 🙂 I have never been a conscious food waster but I did in the past. The last two years I have been really keen on limiting it, which I was quite successful. Only that I had not seen the problem of hoarding, which if not tackled, can turn into a waste 🙂 now my lesson is learnt better and I hope the future will bring less hoarding and more food saving 🙂

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  4. I’m glad to hear you not mention cream of mushroom soup…I used to hoard cream of mushroom soup…why? No idea! Now it’s beef and chicken broth in a can. Oh and tuna…did I mention paper towels and toilet paper.

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  5. I make a list of things that are in the freezer and tick them off as we eat them. I agree that it can seem restrictive. On the other hand, it can bring out the creative cook in you and it really does minimize waste.

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  6. Try to consume fresh things rather than canned and preserved things since all those things could cause cancer but yes for the easy sake especially those with a busy lifestyle might not always have the time to so I guess it’s ok once in a while but try to buy the healthy ones instead look out for the labels try to buy things to most fresh and organic even in canned and frozen they have good quality things and I totally agree once you try something and you don’t like it atleast we know we don’t want it again do check out my blog post and let me know what you think I’m new to the blogging world xxx


  7. Some time ago I said the exact same things in my mind when I opened up my freezer. What helped me consume my frozen goods quicker was that overstuffing your freezer uses a lot of hidden costs such as your electric bill and wear and tear on your freezer. Can’t say much about hoarding dry goods. I always need more storage space for that!

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