while waiting for the snow storm

We are waiting for a snow storm.

Well.. This is winter and snow storms happen all the time. So, I wonder whether you asked yourself what the big deal is and why I write a dramatically titled post about it? 🙂

I will tell you what the big deal is.

Everybody is shopping and there is nothing much left in major stores. It is as if we will never get food anymore.

I usually do my grocery shopping on Thursday. So yesterday I have been to my store. The store was filled with 3X more people than usual. And for the first time in my life I could not find milk.


How can you not find milk in a store?


And how can this continue the next day; obviously some of my co-workers came in work late, stating that they were out shopping and their line was too long. I checked my store this evening to see whether I could get milk and it was the same (except that I found milk this time). The cashier and I were chatting. I told her what one of my co-workers had said this morning; people shop because for a couple of days the transportation (of food) is affected by the storm. So, it ensures that we will have food after the snow. Hmmmmm. The cashier said that this was not true (though I am not sure how independent her thoughts are)..


It is possible that there may be something really catastrophic  happening and we may not have access to external food and other basic needs for some time. But I am hoping the chances of having such a situation is quite slim. So, I am cool about the entire stuff and I am glad that I have food at my house, and I did not get crazy about the entire shopping thing.


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  1. It may be that people don’t want to go out after a storm and that’s why they stock up. We find it hard to get out when there’s a lot of snow because of Becky being in a wheelchair. That’s why we’re down south.

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    1. I am happy for you 🙂 south sounds a lot better than the canadian winter 🙂 they expect 10-30 cm with lots of wind> i am not too worried about the snow but the wind, which sometimes makes power cut. the reason you stated makes perfect sense to me; that is okay.

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  2. I never understood why people get so worked up about a snow storm and go grocery shopping. You’d think they were going to be snowed in for weeks! Maybe 100 years ago but not today…has the storm started yet? How much are they predicting? 🙂

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      1. In 1978 I was caught in a blizzard leaving work, I barely got off the highway to turn down a street to a friend’s house. I was stranded there for 3 days as we got 6 feet of snow, that would be 182 cms, and we didn’t run out of milk!! 😉

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          1. Me too!! It was a big deal and they still talk about it today…it’s been named The Blizzard of 78, there were t-shirts made that said I survived the Blizzard of 78, so you know it was big…hee hee… thousands of cars were stranded on highways all throughout my State, lots of people had to sleep in their cars, the highways were parking lots, no moving traffic, businesses, schools everything was closed for days…I was very fortunate that my friend lived about a mile from where I worked! It was exciting and a little scary, I had a VW Bug for a car then and it was completely buried, you could not see it! 🙂

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            1. what an adventure! scary but the way you describe tells me that it was somehow exciting or something? must be interesting to just focus on the moment and the basic needs (like shelter and food) for sometime.. I am glad it is over and you have all these wonderful memories to share 🙂

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              1. It was. We went out and walked along the highway among all the empty cars…it was bizarre!! Definitely filled me with memories I will never forget. I’m glad it’s over too!! Hope your storm isn’t too bad and that you don’t run out of milk!! Have a marvelous, warm weekend!! xo

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