it is so messed up, so sad

Disclaimer: This is one of my rare rants on political views/actions. As a person with no political or ideological fanaticism or favoritism, I stay away from political arguments. Yet, humanism, mercy, empathy, and universal human values are the things that I do care. This post is about them.


This entire executive order by President of the USA, the airlines that refused to carry people even though they admit that the order(!) was not clear, the world leaders(!) applauding or not condemning these actions (Theresa May – what is wrong with you??); and all others who are cheering up and thinking that this somehow benefits anyone;

I am speechless at your thoughts and actions.

Maybe it was the fear that grabbed you and made you want these bans. Or maybe somebody thought that scaring you would help with their power, irrespective of the harm done to others and to the country, either in the short term or the long term.

I am not an American, but I lived and worked there for a few years when I was young. It is  (was) a great country and I enjoyed working there where the system was great and errors and delays were minimal. It was a great place to work.

But make no mistake; discrimination has been a common theme there.

This time though, I am shocked that discrimination, generalization, stereotyping, racial profiling, etc, are BOTH politically and publicly backed up.


With cheers even.


That is so sad America.

That is so sad.


6 thoughts on “it is so messed up, so sad

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  1. we are a reactionary society, we are suffering a market correction. many were dissatisfied with the Obama administration and his policies so they went to the opposite end. quite the overreaction. sadly many people have no idea what is really going on. People are up in arms over the wall. Did you know there is a partial wall already built? In 2006 both Hillary and Obama voted for it. Mexico has one along its border with Guatemala. Trump”s position and Bill Clinton’s position in 96 are exactly the same. Yet they call him racist for doing/saying the same things. He has no filter and both Obama and Clinton are orators, I dont think Trump will ever be asked to speak at any graduation EVER!

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  2. I’ll preface with I didn’t vote for Trump. As our President, we are expected to give him a chance to govern, which I was willing to do. Some of his ideas (if they are actually implemented with forethought) might have a positive result for our country and even maybe globally. The craziness we are witnessing is because these executive orders are not being implemented with forethought. We also have a President who feels free to berate, belittle, and any other word you like here, on Twitter with no consideration of how it might affect the implementation of his ideas or foreign policy. This is something no one expected to actually happen yet many anticipated this exactly. What’s worse is that he is taking advice from people who, I believe, do not have our country’s best interest in mind.

    This last week has been horrible! My stress levels are higher than I can ever remember. There is an overarching feeling of helplessness and hopelessness in many people. Some are trying to decrease these feeling by protesting/demonstrating/organizing. Some still try to be supportive of the office but when you have a federal judge blocking part of an executive order on the first day, it leaves you wondering about so much.

    I’m not sure how this will end but must remain hopeful! On a positive, he has gotten people to be more aware of what is going on and to exercise their rights as citizens at a new level.

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  3. We (the USA) are still a great country, despite what this little orange cracker idiot and his followers are doing. Our country is stronger than the despair he is causing and the world will soon see that Americans are a good people. My grandparents were immigrants, and we’ll be hell bent if we will let this poor excuse for a man destroy our democracy. The support from overseas in your country and others is overwhelmingly positive.

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