when a boss mentions firing people

Two days ago our boss mentioned in a our departmental meeting that the budgetary situation necessitates some sacrifices, including firing people.

We all were stunned for a second and then some of us, including myself, fired back. 

When you threaten people with loss of work, when you think that you can threaten people with the loss of work, you are done; no respect, no loyalty no nothing is left for you. From that point on it is the boss versus workers. This division pretty much is the start of a crumbling organization.

Fear is a bad feeling. If there is any boss out there who is thinking that by making people scared s/he can get something done better, faster, or cheaper,  s/he should forget it.

Thank goodness I am unionized and what my boss suggested at that time is completely at odds with our union – work place agreements. I for the first time understand what a union is, why it is needed, and why I should be grateful for.

Good bye to respect for my boss and hello to my union and unionized life!

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  1. Ugh! I am sorry you’re going through this. Last year, due to a new re-structure of my dept., we all felt threaten we would lose our jobs (one reason why I haven’t been as active on blogging). 3 people resigned because it got to be too much. And my boss was let go. We are now under-staffed and struggling with work. No new hires yet, not even a new Director. It is very hard when that part of our lives suffers as it is the one thing that keeps us financially balanced. I wish you good luck. I hope things improve at your job. If you are not happy, move on to something else. And don’t wait too long. Hugs! xoxo

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    1. thanks. It is very ugly… I do not think that anybody will resign and leave (it is kind of too difficult to find our jobs/positions). I would love to leave here if I can find a similar job, but knowing the difficulty I am reluctant to even look for them…. The fact that our boss has mentioned “firing” prior to some organizational announcements and procedures to be followed is what annoyed us most – it looked like she was trying her power over us. She just did not get that stress and annoyance makes one lose the respect for the other. anyways; lot of lessons to be learnt and I have had a bad/stressed weekend but I gotta find my joy again and keep going. until somebody says “you are fired” (which I hope will not happen)

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