weekly budget check


This was quite a #leanspending week 🙂

I am constantly saving from my weekly allowance (a.k.a. fun funds): I have not decided what to do with the accumulated funds, but I am sure I will come up with something over time 🙂

Also, I got a tax return last week, which excites me! I will be using it as a mortgage pre-payment next week 🙂


Weekly allowance: $120

Expenses related to the weekly allowance (grocery and other little miscellaneous expenses): $43

Fun funds saved this week: $120 – $43 = $77

Fun funds expenses: $0

Total fun funds accumulated so far in 2017: $674.5  (Yahooo !!!! 🙂

Other expenses: $50 (health-related)

Savings from would-be-expenses: $31.25 (these are the savings from expenses that I would normally make, but decided not to; such as walking rather than taking the bus, having breakfast at home rather than at the local cafe etc.).

Not too much this week, but that is okay – every dollar counts 🙂


Pantry/freezer treasures enjoyed: minced beef, cooked bean meal, green beans, and meatballs from the freezer; rolled oats, flax seeds, bulghur, and pasta (x2) from the pantry 🙂

 Don’t you love using the food at home?



Happy budgeting and happy savings 🙂

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  1. Wonderful savings in your fun fund! Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with this. I’m also trying to use up the stuff I have in my freezer and pantry. It’s quite an experiment!!

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    1. thank you 🙂 I too am curious as to what I would do with these savings – maybe a short visit to south america (I always wanted that). Eating what I had at the freezer/pantry looked intimidating at first but now it is going steady and it feels good! hope you have a similar experience


  2. One thing I always think when I read these money blogs…how would you feel if you lived with someone and the choices you make weren’t just your choices. These blogs are refreshing and I think, ya I’m going to try that…but about the time, I make a commitment, my husband finds something he wants to buy and I feel defeated. He has every right…it’s his money too. Just thinking about what you have been doing about money

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    1. good point and I do not know how things would work out if there was someone else in my house. it would be difficult than what i personally can do – that is for sure. I do not know – maybe there are blogs out there that work out these kind of issues. I can only think and write about my own experience 🙂


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