it is not that bad

While I have bragged about how boring my life is, this morning I came to the realization that in the last one years or so, I have changed my life in a much better way.

First of; I started baking my own bread – they may not be the best, but they are getting better each time. More importantly, baking gives excitement to my daily life. Every Sunday I am eager to see how my dough and the loaf will turn out like! It is also healthy (I believe – it must be way better than the store-made bread). What a wonderful, healthy, and easy way to have a recurrent type of excitement 🙂

Second of; I eat better – that is for sure. I eat more raw veggies, which agree with my body. I have also lost some weight (even though I gained some of it back lately I am positive that I can do it again).

Third of; I walk more. I walked in the morning not only during summer, but also in winter (for the first time this winter) from home to office! For someone like me who was chronically tired, stressed, and impatient, this is quite an achievement.

Fourth; I have more energy – thanks to my iron and vitamin D supplements. This makes me feel better about myself and it is incredibly satisfying.

Fifth of; I am saving more than the last few years, so I am in much better shape financially.

Funny thing is that I have come up with these out of blue while walking  this morning 🙂


These being said, it is only normal to fix some issues and then move on with identifying and aiming to fix new issues. In this logic, it is almost impossible to be without any issue.


So I must be okay with having  a number of things that bother me now; 

I need a more social life; I do not know what that is gonna be but whether I join a hobby class or start hosting more frequently at home, I have got to come up with something.

I need variety – doing the same things and seeing the same faces/places are dead boring. I have every single right to be bored, considering the circumstances. I believe a new social hobby would enrich my daily life a little bit. Also, traveling is an opportunity to break it, but how frequently one can go away?

I need to stop believing that I am old. I am not old – older, yes, but not old. I still have a life!


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    1. nooooooo – we are not old! :)) maybe just different than years back (at least I can say this for me…) less courageous, more hesitant, less explorative, more security/safety-seeking.. it drags me down – this feeling…. I do not like this feeling. And another thing is the prematurely graying hair! honest to goodness, I want to just stop dying it and embrace the gray hair. yes!! 🙂

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        1. thank you 🙂 you are so nice. I would love that too, but my mom has been somehow not liking the idea – she thinks (and I somehow agree) that I am too young to have gray hair. but then I find it more of a struggle for me to dye my hair and then see the roots coming and knowing whatever i do, I have them and they are not gonna go anywhere… it is tricky.. I do not know – maybe if I had stopped dying my hair, I would hate it more than seeing my roots coming out… who knows :))))


          1. I love the natural silver in my hair, and I won’t let my partner dye his, for me it’s who he is. He has more silver than he should at his age, but that’s down to genes.

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              1. Be brave…..maybe you should give yourself a makeover too……only because if you embrace the silver, you may need to change the colours of your clothes. Many years ago I had a lot of blonde bits in my hair (I’m a brunette) when I got my awesome hairdresser to put my hair back to its natural colour, I had to invest in new clothes because the colours were great with the blonde but awful with the brunette!

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  1. Join a class do something you wouldn’t normally go for.
    If you don’t already have the skill, learning sign language is an amazing way of meeting new people and making great friends (been there and done it).
    Or if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, go for that, life is too short not to,life is too short not to!!

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    1. I love and believe in everything you have said. sign language certainly is very interesting and I would love to learn it. And, yes life is really short and I feel struck in it and slowly getting drained of excitement… I have some serious changes to make in my life. I wish I had money so that I would not be stuck at the job I have (which is a great job that pays a decent salary).

      the issue is choosing between safety/security (i.e. my job in a small city and boring life thanks to it) and excitement/taking risks (i.e. wandering around the world, having no anxiety over future financial situations etc.)…. when I was younger, I was more spontaneous and less worrying about the future. Now, i am worried about retirement and financial health, so I pray to keep my (good) job… I wish I could have the courage to quit the job, sell the house and whatever else I have, and have a trip with no plan and no aim towards south america…..


      1. Maybe you should quit the job, sell up, and take that trip. Be brave, you never know what’s around the corner. Wherever you go on the trip, you may find that perfect job that you love, one that makes you want to settle at that place.

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        1. I wish! I really wish i had done that – but i am scared.. I am scared of ending up without any money, not finding a job, being victimized, feeling stupid (who would quit the job I have – it is a great position that only the lucky a few can get…)…. i wished the global economy was better so that we would not be scared of ending up being homeless… utopian dream :))


              1. I’ve done sign language, yoga and am currently going to a dressmaking/dress pattern cutting class, learning how to make my own patterns. Also now Just embarking on a Personal Stylist course….the reason I joined here.

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                1. all are awesome 🙂 i loved my yoga classes last year until my lower back acted badly. I have got a sewing machine just before the holidays in 2016, which I better learn to use 🙂 personal stylist seems interesting – i will check your blog 🙂


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