joy journal, April 16, 2017

It is a sad day because of something I cared most about crumbled for good today. 

In any ways, a living organism finds a way to entertain its survival instinct. In anyways, it finds ways to survive.

So here is my way for today.


1. I am grateful for getting up early and having a long day in front of me. It is a challenge to fill a long day with activities. But it is also an opportunity to do things without rushing.

2. I am grateful for the coffee I have brewed at home. It is such an affordable and enjoyable activity.

3. I am grateful for enjoying my morning walk. It was chilly but a bright day and the walk was quiet and lovely. Looking at the houses on the street and assessing their characters is always an interesting activity. A good scenery makes a good difference.

4. I am grateful for not buying peanut butter today! Boy, I love this butter! The trouble is when I buy it, the entire 1 kg bottle is finished in 2-3 days. It is insane! So many calories.. It is not good when I am trying to lose weight. It has been a struggle to not buy it today, but I know that it was the right decision. I congratulate myself 🙂

5. I am grateful for drinking two tall glasses of milk. I have no warm relation with milk really.. Other than the fact that I am making an effort to drink it so that I can get some calcium and vitamin D. That is all. So when I drink not one but two glasses, naturally I feel great about it 🙂

6. I am grateful for the bean dish I cooked today. Friends, I learnt how to best cook beans easily (thanks mom). I am excited about the fact that I am consuming much less of canned bean. Feels awesome.

7. I am grateful for the two sourdough loaves I have baked today. I have had a great dough in the morning. Shaping and baking them was fun – the oven spring was nice and easy and the crumbs are much better than I had expected. what a great sourdough starter I do have! Come to think about it, in two weeks it will be a year that I started baking bread… what an exciting, satisfying, and healthy adventure it has been 🙂

8. I am grateful for speaking with my family and their well being. May they always be happy and healthy.

9. I am grateful for drinking water. I enjoy drinking water especially if it is kind of cool. what a refreshing drink.

10. I am grateful for eating tomato and cheese for breakfast. I am eating tomato quite frequently lately. I have never been a fan of this fruit (I think it is considered a fruit), but it makes a good breakfast material with a dash of olive oil. very tasty indeed 🙂

11. I am grateful for having the evening to myself. It is quiet and I can do whatever I want to do.

12. I am grateful for the movies I am watching and the songs I had listened to earlier. what would I do without the background noise at home? I am lucky to have my TV.

13. I am grateful for shopping my night cream today. It is kind of pricey and i am about to run out of my last bottle. So finding it on sale was an unexpected excitement for today.  

14. I am grateful for thinking and reading about how to be happy. How do we get happy? What is happiness? How do we make ourselves happy? One person was saying on a website that she was happy when she spends time with her husband, son, friends, and while driving. My goodness – I have none of these (no hubby, kids, or car – friends are on the other side of the world so I cannot spend time with them). Joke aside; what is happiness really? How do I make myself happy? How do I become happy with my life? With life? there are so many issues at life and I am so “incomplete” in some ways (being away from my family is the most important reason for that). They say we are responsible for our own happiness. Boy, is it really? Happiness, to me, is not a choice but may be a consequence of choices. Why do we need to choose? because we believe that one option is better than the rest and we take that option. It solves a problem maybe, maybe not, and then time passes and now we are somewhere in our lives where that choice does not matter anymore, yet the conditions are such that we are not, we cannot be happy.  Or may be we can be happy, but we think it is dependent on something that we do not have at that time. I do not know what happiness is but I know what makes me feel good. Perhaps that is what I should be focusing on – to feel good.

15. I am grateful that walking and doing weight exercises make me feel good about myself. 

16. I am grateful for writing these here.


What am I appreciative of myself today?

I thank myself for being a resilient person – I may be sick, I may be down, I may fail, but I will always rise back on my feet.

I thank myself for making an effort to eat healthy and have a healthy life-style

I thank myself for making an effort to continuously save and for having a frugal life

I thank myself for loving my family

I thank my body for being healthy

I thank myself for being resourceful

I thank myself for not giving up on hope

I thank myself for still keeping going….

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  1. I’m thinking the goal should be contentment with our life and circumstances then with contentment our happiness can shine through . I think contentment comes from acceptance of who we are and what we are doing. I’m stuck on acceptance. I don’t think acceptance can be forced…I think it comes naturally IF we are able to change what we can’t accept…but what if we can’t change what we don’t accept. Was I able to articulate what my head is thinking?

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    1. yes, you were able to articulate what your mind was thinking! 🙂 could not be described better. i have a problem with accepting many things, but after many years of suffering I have either forgotten or accepted a couple of painful “resistance”. In budism I guess there is non-resistance or something like that. I am not into this religion, but I find this idea effective; sometimes it works just fine to not care about something or an outcome especially if it is something I cannot change but I work very hard to change…. easier said than done. it requires “trust” to life and life events, which is hard to do the majority of the time. i am determined to not fall into heavy unhappiness trap. I want to be happy and I want to make better choices to be happy. But as you said it cannot be forced. I found reading about others’ hurdles help me relax a little, realizing that I am not the only one and it is not specific to me.

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  2. This is so wonderful; taking the time to write down what you are most grateful for in life and in yourself. Especially when it’s been a particularly difficult day. You’ve inspired me to be much more appreciative of the things I have in life and qualities in myself. I’m going through a period of change and uncertainty makes it hard for me to remember the positives in my life. Thanks for sharing this! Keep being your strong and determined self xx

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    1. thank you for writing this comment. I am glad that we share some understanding while going thru some tough times. I wish you well – this exercise of being grateful has been indeed one thing that worked for me. I hope you also can try such a journal and write on it everyday or as you can. Over time you will realize how joyful and grateful one can feel. hope things will work out just fine with your life.

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      1. Thank you for the encouragement! I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. You may have received so many nominations for this already, but you are one of the bloggers who inspires me, so I simply had to mention you in my latest post.

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