thrift store treasures

 I have not written in a while, have I? I feel like I must write, write, write 🙂

A couple of things;

1) I continue to get up at around 7 am… Never in my life have I done this consistently. and with no good reason, like a flight or something.

Is it the end of winter? Daylight? Or plain old age?

Huh… My friends, they say as we age we need less sleep. I guess I am experiencing this. It is a fact! 🙂

2) I made an effort to take the bus this week, rather than the cab. It is working. I still do not feel like walking because of low morale, but I will re-start this sometime in the future. It is gonna feel great – I know it 🙂

3) I have walked two hours again today to a shopping mall. This is, I believe, the 3rd Saturday straight that I have done this. I checked two thrift stores and found myself a nice blouse – just for 4 bucks 🙂 this is the 3rd blouse I have got in the last three weeks from thrift stores that excites me like this 🙂 It is a beautiful thing and I love it 🙂 I tried around 15 other blouses – one of them was really awesome! I wish it was a little bit larger 🙂 Oh, well. next time 🙂


I found it very interesting today that I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of buying clothes from thrift stores. I previously had bought books, sewing notions/fabric, purses, a jacket or two, and one or two shirts over many years. What can I say? Sometimes I can find really amazing stuff and they are very affordable. I also help others by shopping at these stores, I would like to think. So I should feel okay. But, see there is something still bothering me about shopping there. I guess I am worried about people recognizing me and then talking behind me. After all I am not poor, and I can afford new clothes, and I would not like to be called “cheap”. But I must admit it is so much fun to go around the thrift stores, look at all the interesting stuff (they have more diverse items than regular store, don’t they?), and find a lovely piece that I can love and use 🙂 

On a separate note, walking was very easy and fun today. I am really grateful for doing this. It is an healthy activity and it makes me realize how fine my body and stamina is. Especially when I compare this ability to before when I had low energy for years and would not want to walk even 5 minutes… To be able to do this now feels awesome 🙂

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    1. :)))) that can be so true for so many people. I think I am getting used to shopping for clothes at thrifties. I wonder then though why did I give in the past 60 bucks to that jacket while I could get another lovely one for 6 bucks… while takes time, habits, opportunities, and opinions change I guess 🙂


  1. Cute! thrift stores are my places to shop, too! Sometimes i actually shop too far ahead with clothes. i tear up clothes in my farming job, so i hate spending more than a couple bucks for jeans or shirts, so when i find the right size, i tend to go ahead and get them even if i don’t need them at the moment, but only a couple extras ahead – not too bad.

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    1. how lovely! I understand why you may stock up what you will need over time. it is just a matter of time to be able to find what you may like or use; so last weekend there was no blouse I had liked, this weekend I tried 15-16 of them and bought one. so turn out is fast and there is no guarantees. when you/we find it, let’s buy it 🙂

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  2. I too have started using thrift stores. Though most of the thrift stores we have in our area do not have too much of nice stuff, I have found a few useful items. I have found some very cheap items during our vacation in Florida. I could not believe how much cheaper they were than the stores we have locally. Even my hubby got some almost new looking jackets he was able to use for church. Sadly, I cannot go to Florida all the time but who knows, maybe I can get lucky in the ones we have around here. A word of advice though, be careful of buying shoes. You do not want to catch any fungal infection. I haven’t but I have heard stories 🙂

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    1. i am with you on this! hygiene is a huge concern for me. I would not buy or use items that are likely to host infectious agents and cannot be disinfected easily. I am okay with jackets, shirts/blouses, and books. I hope you will find great thrift treasures in your area or in Florida whenever you can make it there 🙂


  3. It is very cute. I’ve been hitting thrift stores too. It’s like there are so many clothes and then you find IT! Something you love!! I’m very impressed with your walking. They say it really helps release endorphins. You obviously know intellectually what you need to do to heal that brain, just doing it is the problem….at least for me

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    1. I am like you; I know I need cardio exercise to feel really good (that is one thing that works wonders for me), but all I do is to walk instead (which is still better than not exercising at all, but not as great was cardio). maybe one day I will start jogging on the treadmill again – I remember I had really loved it! Walking is gentle and doable, you seem to like nature. I hope there are great places around to walk. re; thrifting; i really loved this blouse. I went there again last friday and despite my best interests, i could not find anything :))) it is, understandably, a matter of chance to find something you will love 🙂

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