on being self-sustaining

Since I started baking my own bread last year, I have been feeling more “able“. 

Bread has always been my favorite food. Strange enough after I started baking my own loaves, the amount of bread I consumed has reduced. How strange… I wonder whether it being a natural product with no additives or chemicals has anything to do with this? Anyways, I am proud of the fact that within the last one year I did not buy any store-made bread; I only consumed my own, mostly the precious sourdough loaves. Talking about the joy of baking and the happiness coming out of it 🙂

Anyways, when I bought my sewing machine last November, I thought it was an additional step towards being resourceful and a self-sustaining life-style. I was planning to sew my own blouses, which I have failed so far, but one day I will do this. This and others, like sewing quilt, doing repairs (which I have), and sewing cloths/placemats to be used around the house (which I have, too) will keep me feel independent and able. It feels good indeed.

We may not realize but there are so many ways that even someone like me, who does not like  house chores, demonstrates the ability to self-sustain. Consider cooking at home and feeding ourselves, cleaning our own houses, taking care of the yard (boy, thinking about cutting the grass… argh… one thing that I really dislike, but keep doing anyhow), dyeing our own hair to name a few. I feel so again when I walk to or from the office, or to the shopping malls, instead of taking the bus or the cab.  By walking I freely transport myself and relax at the same time. Do you not think that we in fact all are, to some degree, independent of others/stores/services and rather are self-sustaining?

I have spent sometime reading posts about homesteading this evening. I have no practical interest in homesteading myself as a single and middle aged city girl, but I sure enjoy reading about the daily lives of the homesteaders, their farming adventures, issues, and relationships with nature. My current life and level of sustainability is no-where near the homesteaders’ life, but I am doing way better than many people living in a mid-size city. I guess even though I do not realize it well, I happen to have a kind of simple, affordable, and sustainable life that I must be excited about 🙂

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    1. i love the idea but only theoretically knowing that I could not handle it myself 🙂 but if there were others around who can help take care of things, yes me to would love to live in a farm :)) hope you will reach your aim 🙂

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  1. I bought yeast, but have yet to make bread. you are farther on that task then me. I would like to live on a plot of land one day. i was exploring off the grid living, but that might be tooooo much. a little farm, decent house, some pets, happy home, happy garden. I do sew. made an artist smock not too long ago (of course, I had the material cut out a year ago just waiting to be sewed).

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    1. off the grid sounds pretty interesting! wow – good to know there are some people who are into this kind of quiet self-sustaining life. I like your plans for the future; and I hope you will succeed. as per the bread; I was hooked after the first encounter with yeast; such a small organism can make such a big difference in our lives is HUGE! i love them and I love the excitement of seeing how the dough and loaf will turn out every single weekend. have fun with it 🙂

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  2. I love this article! Growing up a city girl as well I never dreamed of doing anything self sustaining. Almost 4 years ago we moved to the country, then came chickens with eggs and chickens for meat and 2 giant gardens for vegetables. My neighbors taught me how to freeze and can to stretch our veggie supply into winter. When I had my second child we were broke so I started making bread. Wow, no preservatives so much cheaper than buying and super yummy! I’d love your sour dough recipe, that’s something I’ve never made. Now we have our third child and money is still tight so we make almost everyone we can from scratch and I’ve learned to sew to make the kids stuff last longer from clothes to jackets to backpacks to toys.
    Keep doing what your doing – great job!

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    1. thanks for telling all of these! it is amazing! I love the idea of canning, gardening, and chickens 🙂 I hope you enjoy every minute of it and I hope your financial hardship has lifted a little bit. I am relatively new at baking bread ( a year today 🙂 ) . I post my bread recipes here: https://lifeasiinterpret.wordpress.com/category/baking-bread/. sourdough is great and never ceases to amaze me. give it a try. All the best! 🙂

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