Sunday morning musings

Life is good, my friends.

We reached yet another Sunday. I hope many of you, if not all, are spending today with joy, relaxation, family and friends, and are feeling just well and awesome 🙂

Here is a song to spice today up – enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning musings

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  1. It’s sunny! That is enough to bring a smile to my face after all the rain we’ve had. We are going to spend the morning at church, then bring a couple of cousins home for lunch, then drive, drive, drive the kids around–drivers ed for 2 of them, a meeting for my husband and I, then dance recital pictures for one—church youth group for others, hang time with uncle or dad for others. Probably Taco Bell for some in-between. There are days where there’s only time for a quick taco……..but, did I mention it’s sunny? It’s easy to be out and about on days like this. It’s pretty common for me to go outside and dig around in the garden or flowerbeds in the evening after such a day. We’ll see if I can get up off the couch!

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    1. all of these sounds like grand plans! you have a lot to do today! so amazing. enjoy that taco and the time spent with family, kids, and friends. I am glad that you have a sunny day – it makes a huge difference, especially on a great day like a Sunday!


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