job situation assessment

I do not know whether what I am doing is right or plain stupid, but I am looking for jobs. I think I have found one ad that may be a good fit for me.

But I am hesitant to apply – is it too much of a work to make this application/interview? Do I really want this change in my life? What if it is not a unionized position and they can kick me out anytime they want?

What are my choices really?

Right now I have a respected position. I have a nice-figure salary. I have benefits. I am capable of doing many different things and getting involved in a variety of activities that are related to my profession. I have a simple life in a small city. I am capable of saving money. I have a routine. Life is easy and abundant. I am bored sometime, but life works well. Work, however, is stressful and full of problems and problematic people. One problem of mine is to be involved in too many stuff and getting fragmented. We also have the demoralizing financial issues, for now and for the future, and the constant nagging feelings of “we should be doing more” and “I am not good enough“.

While the idea of resigning and leaving things behind sounds awesome to me, I think I should be careful about the risks of potentially incorrect decisions. I realize today, for example, that being unionized is very important to me. I also realized that my salary is in fact a great one that many people would love to have. So would it not be possible for me to look into the positives of this job and identify more as to what is important for me?


What I appreciate about this job and my life in this city?

  • Great salary/respected job position
  • Some level of safety/being unionized
  • Freedom on projects and activities undertaken
  • Ability to save and invest for my future
  • Simple and easy life


What I do not like/appreciate about my job and my life in this city?

  • The stress of undertaking too much work/not being able to say no to requests for help (This can be fixed)
  • The delays in organizational support systems; lack of efficient systems to keep things moving (I cannot do much about this, other than accepting the situation as it is)
  • Feeling inadequate. The constant struggle to “achieve” things. (This feeling is constant and life is too short – so what do I do? How do I handle this feeling? Work better? More? Smarter? Luckier? Among everything else, this is the one that is hard to digest. I really dislike this feeling)
  • The unhopeful future financial forecast and pension plan changes; the possibility of deeper provincial financial issues that can erase what has accumulated in terms of pension contributions and the house equity (This is very scary)
  • The possibility of more pressure on us because of the fiscal problems; the talks and acts of firing; the demoralized and agitated environment


I can still apply for jobs and who knows, maybe I will come across a great one. I do not have to seriously consider a new job unless I have got a great offer. Those that did not yield an offer, or with unsatisfactory offers are not the problem – I can turn them down. So.. With this in mind, I think I will just relax now. I gotta relax and handle the future uncertainty as well as the feeling of being inadequate… That is the best remedy for now. Let’s hope I can do that.

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    1. ahhh…….. why did you say this Ninasusan? the entire morning I have been thinking about this – what if it is the right decision to leave? That this change would be actually pretty awesome for me….. how much I would love this feeling…..


      1. Personally, when I’m in a torn between decisions, I tend to focus on the reasons why I shouldn’t. During a discussion, my daughter was talking about all the reasons they shouldn’t do some major home remodel….she said to him…ya but it’s going to cost a lot what if we lose the house and he said. WHat if we don’t! This has so stuck with me. Negative thinking but what if it’s all positive. Shouldn’t we focus on the positive?


  1. This sounds as if you’ve hit a major crossroad in your life. I hope that whatever decision you make, it is one that brings you joy, peace and contentment. I personally hate changes but I realize that in order for me to grow and not stagnate, I must have some form of change in my life. That applies to all areas in my life. Wishing you all the best!

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    1. these are incredibly beautiful and meaningful words. yes I hit the threshold and am revisiting my last 9 years at this work and how I was, how I did, and how I evolved. I cannot grow and develop further here, nor can do my best performance. it is a relief to reflect on things and myself. it is healthy. I do not feel down; in contrast it is somehow liberating. so thank you – I hope the future will bring new hopes, opportunities, joy, and success to you too 🙂

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