on brutality of social media

I will write about the brutality in social media. Like Twitter.


You risk getting a blast back if something you say pisses someone for some reason. It does not have to be personal, but there are many people out there who are ready to strongly oppose/make fun of an opinion. It does not matter that your intentions were good to start with. This is particularly true for sensitive topics. Or for topics that some people have sensitivity towards. 

I am not interested in adversity but I am not interested in restricting my freedom of speech, either. I certainly am not interested in apologizing for something that is not intended to hurt anyone. A healthy conversation is fine, but then when it becomes a piss race what do we do? What is the best way to stop people, especially those that I do not know, to respond and attack/make fun of my opinions?

Can I label is as a “rant”, or “please do not respond”, or what? Would that even stop getting a negative and unsolicited response?

How do we find that balance between expressing ourselves and risking adversity? 

It depends I guess.

There will be times that I will be hesitating to post a tweet but risking it and going forward with posting it anyhow. And there will be times that I will remember twitter is not the only place to express myself – even though I have every single right to do so.

8 thoughts on “on brutality of social media

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  1. Yes. It’s hard to take the abuse. I get really pissed off too…especially on twitter…I’m learning to verbalized in my own head using uncultured words aka profanity and that makes me feel better…..sorta 😀

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  2. I find Twitter and Facebook the absolute worst!!! People go out of their way to make sure they retaliate their opinions against your own. You simply cannot be without someone having an opinion on it….it seems to be the whole allure of those two sites. They allow a person to bully, argue, fight, feel better more by allowing them easily fast access behind a keyboard.

    Insert mega eye roll.

    I refuse to participate in either of them for this reason alone!

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    1. that is very smart of you and I agree with every single word you have said. my facebook behaves well because i only have a small group of and select people there; but twitter is an absolute mess sometime. what a strange medium, what a strange human behavior….


    1. they are! I mean it does not have to be really bad trolling, but you think you are passionate about something and put your own fire out there, and then somebody comes and either attacks the idea, or treats you like you cannot have this opinion/idea at all because you (according to them) are not in a place to think or say so (rolling eyes).

      People please – let me be. I wanna say things, I believe in them, and I have no intention to hurt anyone, but I just want to express myself (and nothing on a highly sensitive issue, by the way). but no – somebody needs to shut it down, devalue, or show that they know better. give us a break


  3. The more involved I became with Twitter and Facebook, they more I realized I didn’t need them in my life. Facebook is, like you, for a select few. Sometimes it isn’t their comments but the reposting of topics I find annoying too. Twitter seems to be more trolling opinions and now I rarely look at it.

    Sad, isn’t it?

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    1. yes, it is sad. I thought social media is supposed to be a channel for self-expression mostly, allowing interactions and learning as well, but trolling is something that I had never thought about. I am happy with my facebook community, but as per twitter I still learn from, but for goodness sake I do not want to have an argument there with someone i do not even know on something that I do not even mean harm. sigh… glad that I have not had such a negative experience here 🙂

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