The curious case of…… hang-drying the clothes

One of the common frugal practices many bloggers would recommend is to hang-dry your clothes.

This I believe is supposed to save money from electricity.

I am fine with the idea, but hardly do that. You may ask why?

Ok – here is my reason; I have work attire that I wash and my dryer (and dryer sheets) are doing an amazing job keeping them wrinkle-free. Do I really dare not use the dryer?


Not everything that works for one works for the other. 

Problem solved.

PS: how much money do we save by not running a load in the dryer anyhow? I am curious….


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5 thoughts on “The curious case of…… hang-drying the clothes

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  1. I’m terrible at hanging clothes because I don’t own a clothesline. However, my parents (who are avid clothesline people) are staying with us next year and they may ask for one. Have you heard of people not wanting to hang clothes because it doesn’t look nice in the yard?

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    1. that is strange – no I have not heard about this before. when I was young we always line or hang dried, but I also needed to iron clothes after that (which I do not like). that is why I am happy with my dryer. I occasionally hang dry cloths that I use during baking – that is all I can do 🙂

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  2. I always hang my clothes to dry! I don’t know whether it’s an English thing or what, but I really don’t know anyone who tumble dries all of their clothes. My tumble dryer is saved only for fluffing up towels after they’ve been air dried, and for emergency clothes washing! Best of luck 🙂

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