time to embrace my grey hair?

I have started to have grey hair quite young (in my late 20s, early 30s). Since I started this current job almost 9 years ago, it has been getting worse. I believe more than 50% of my hair is now grey. I have been dyeing my hair regularly in the last 9 years and I can say that I forgot the real shade of my hair. More than that, lately I started to need dyeing my hair every two to three weeks. Boy, who has got time for this. Also and more alarmingly, what the heck is happening – why needing so soon?? 

I have been meaning to stop dyeing my hair for quite sometime, but it was my mom and sister who convinced me otherwise. They think I am too young to have grey hair and I agree, but the current situation states otherwise. I am one of these people who have prematurely grey hair I think it is time that I embrace it.

I hate seeing my hair half dyed half natural, so I will go to a hair dresser, a good one who is not afraid to cut it short!! (see a previous rant), show her or him some pictures as inspiration, and will get a dark grey colour with light highlights so that my grey hair can blend in well.

I have one last bottle of hair dye of the current shade that I plan to apply in the coming weeks. After a few weeks after that, the time of the grey hair will start. Let’s hope I can find a great hair dresser, can wear the grey hair well, and my clothes are compatible with it.

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  1. I started greying at 25. I have long hair… Halfway down my back, and I always have so I have these really long strands of gray hair 🙂 I also have a streak that’s about a quarter centimeter and I really like it. I am currently 37 and I have not and have no intention to color my hair. I look forward to having long wavy salt-and-pepper hair and maybe one day long crazy wild gray hair! My only complaint is the little wiry crazy ones that stick straight up. I’m embracing it because really I think it’s beautiful.

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    1. how lovely! I admire you for not dyeing your hair. I wish I had done this too. I believe dyeing actually harmed my hair and more importantly played with my self-confidence. I may have a streak myself, but i can only be sure when I let the hair grow natural 🙂 i bet it is beautiful. i am ready to let this go now. All I must is to figure out how to best transition to full gray

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      1. I hope you have a streak, I think they are so cool and maybe you will too…enough so to give you that confidence boost. You will figure it out and you’ll be beautiful

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  2. Sounds like an adventure to go gray. Have fun with it! New style. It might be interesting to observe people’s reactions and behavior. (I saw a shift when I started always wearing my very thick glasses instead of contacts.)

    I’ve had a tiny patch of gray since having three kids in four years, but it hasn’t progressed much in the past 15 yrs.
    One side of me says embrace life and the passing of time and vibrancy in all its manifestations. The other side of me has a Latina mom who dyed her hair into her 80s–even with a lovely olive skin tone that looked super with gray hair!

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    1. thank you! I have never been that close and warm to this idea as I am today. I think there is a time that when it really feels alright, even desirable. your mom is amazing! i was planning to dye my hair till I was 70 myself 🙂 but I think I am up for this now. if I do not like it, then I can always dye it back 🙂

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  3. Embrace the silver……I have a few silver hairs, and quite honestly, love them… I’m hoping, that as time goes on that I get a streak like Rouge from X-Men – That’s how mine seems to be heading.
    I’m lucky that my hair is like my mum’s and I think it looks lovely as salt and pepper.
    Maybe this is the confidence boost you need in your life, it will completely change your look, and you will have to accessorise your wardrobe, scarfs/necklaces, or even get that sewing machine out and make alterations with colours that compliment your newly embraced silver.

    I understand where you are coming from on having your hair cut short, but unless you are really sure, don’t do it…..I found short hair so much hard work! The other thing is, if the hairdresser you went to wouldn’t cut your hair short, have you considered that it may not suit you, that is why they didn’t want to cut it short? A good hairdresser will be able to cut your hair in such a way where you can keep the length (if you want) and it looks good with your natural colours. My niece is my hairdresser, and unless she believes a style will suit me, she won’t cut it to that…..I have been banned from having a fringe!

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  4. Embrace the silver…….and be proud of it!
    The question is do you really want to cut your hair short, or is it just a vanity thing because of how the silver and your natural colour mix?
    A good hairdresser will be able to make the most of both colours if you want to keep it longer…..this will also allow you longer to adapt your wardrobe to suit your new exciting silver. Also a good hairdresser will try and talk you out of a style if they don’t think it will suit you, my niece has denied me many hairstyles over the years, because although I love the idea, she knows that they won’t suit.
    Also concerning your wardrobe, it’ll be time to get that sewing machine out and add/adapt your clothes to match your new hair….scarfs, necklaces and hair accessories also help!

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    1. how wonderful are these! first; yes let’s take the sewing machine out and make it functional as it is supposed to be :)) and as per the hair dresser – you are right I gotta find a really good one. I was looking at the internet and there are several options to transition to grey hair. I need a really good and logical option and a dresser that respects my wishes. we will see that will go. I am glad you have your niece to help you out. and as per the short hair – you may be right – i actually would love and prefer a shoulder length cut.. hmmm. I am glad we are talking about this! 🙂


      1. Now I’d say go for the change, prove to them that you’re your own person who is capable of making your own choices to suit you. And if you get an interview for that job, which person do you want them to see? I think the new hair should go with the new job, interview and all. If sexist ageism comes into it, then you’re definitely in the wrong place. You shouldn’t be judged by how you look, your experiences, qualifications and personality should be all you need to get where you want to be.

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        1. hah haa! you sound like a very strong headed lady. I like that idea! “I am who I am, this is my hair, this is how I look, and these are what I can do, take it or leave it!” I would love to say that, yet I am also scared of not making the best impression I can make. so it is a ,mental judo right here 🙂


          1. I don’t know about strong headed, but a car crash 7 years ago made me change my outlook on life. I walked away from the crash, but it made me realise that life is too short to worry what everyone thinks of me, that I should do what I want to do, that it’s my life not anyone else’s. Don’t (or try not to) regret any decisions you make. Like I’ve said before you’re the important one in all of this.

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            1. thanks for this. here is truth right there that we all should be aware of. I think we are deep down, but then get engulfed in little things, arguments, social pressures etc. that we keep forgetting what is important; ourselves and our lives

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        1. i liked myself when I was younger better – that is for sure 🙂 but I would love to appreciate how “good and grounded” I feel now. so grey hair bothers but with grey hair came wisdom I hope ! 😛 😛 😛 😛

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  5. You go, sister. I started going gray at 20. My son in law owns the salon I go to. I went gray in about 2012 but once I started going to him, I had fu trying new and different colors. 5 months ago I said screw it. I’m white now. Very small amount of white mixed with gray at the nape of my neck. It is authentic and goes right along with my desire to be authentic in every phase of my life!!

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  6. I, too, have grey hair under all this dye. I tried once before to go all grey. I let it grow out some, then chopped off over 10 inches of colored hair. Two things ended that experiment. #1 I hate having short hair. #2 an old high school friends mother told me how old it made me look and sold me a $200 wig. This time, I am lifting all that dark brown color off, and once that is done, I’ll use Roux granny rinse to even it out. You can find that stuff to match all sorts of hair colors these days, which can ease the3 growing out pains considerably. Good luck!

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    1. that looks like an interesting product – thanks for letting me know. I just had highlights, which do not even show!!!! so I do not even know what my hair will look like or what I will need in two weeks’ time. I want to see it as an adventure but it sucks at so may different levels… anyhow, we shall prevail eventually 🙂


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