benefits of decluttering

…are a lot.

I started doing my bedroom and master bathroom. I already found a nice facial mask, wash cloths, nail polish, other make up materials that I was looking for, and many blouses and t-shirts that I either did not like at all or did not remember that I have had.

So as you can guess, a number of things will be gone soon, either donated or cut down to be used as cleaning cloths. A number of things will find their use too. Hello nail polish! It has been sometime that we saw each other. Now, remind me how it felt to have nice, decorated, and good looking nails. Right? 🙂

hmmm. I have started and I am feeling good. Decluttering always feels good. I wonder what other treasures and trash I will find during the entire process 🙂 I will keep you posted!

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  1. That’s one of my issues right now. Due to my chronic pains, I cannot do as much as I’d like to and cannot afford to have anyone help me. The house is not dirty but there are so much stuff I’d like to go through. There are some I want to keep for nothing more than sentimental reasons. I feel overwhelmed sometimes at the clutter. I am in the process of cleaning my home “office/craft room” and it has been a week and only half way done. It does make you feel so much better when things are cleared away and the place look much more spacious.And yes, we do find some hidden treasures 🙂

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    1. the ones that we keep for sentimental reasons are the hardest… I had to let go a couple of blouses today that my mom had given me. I told my mom that I wanted to donate them, she was not overly enthusiastic but eventually okay with it…. i keep boxes of cards and memorials from my past. No idea whether I will ever go back and have a look at them again. but…… :))))

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  2. I’m on this same journey…I can’t believe I have so much and that at some point in my past I may have thought I needed more. I have 6 plain black T-shirts, same collar type and sleeve length….why????? lol It’s been eye opening to say the least.

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    1. it is a strange feeling that once we start decluttering then we realize how much we already have! I recommend this activity to everyone. I noticed things that I was keeping buying (like cleaning products) or no longer needing (unfitting or undesired clothes). I feel quite abundant once I see what I already have and also get rid of the clutter, some of which are enjoyed by others. win-win situation! 🙂 all the best with your own journey and enjoy 🙂

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