resourcefulness and reducing waste

You know I love being resourceful, self-sustaining, and reducing waste.

I am not 100% in any of these, but I do try; nowadays better than before. 

I cut out an old t-shirt and will use the pieces to clean my bath tub. I was not gonna use this t-shirt, it was not in good enough shape to be donated, and I could not let it fill the landfill just yet (horrible, I know… ). So, why not to use it as a cleaning cloth? Of note, it will still go back to landfill after I use it, which makes my heart tightened somehow. When are we going to have bio-degradable clothes?

I have a large amount of plastic shopping bags. I made the decision to rather use a canvas purse during shopping. The last few weeks that is what I have been doing and it is going well. My aim is to keep doing this until I have something like 20 of them left. I re-use these bags as garbage bin liner, so not getting new ones after that will not be feasible, but still at least I will be able to make use of what I already have and save the companies and earth some plastic bags. Feeling good, however little that can be.

One thing I am missing is composting. I have been meaning to do this the last 9 years, but honestly I cannot think about it during winter (when we get a lot of snow and me going in to back yard is usually prevented by the snow at the back door). I thought today that perhaps I can do that only during spring-fall when weather is permissive. That sounds good to me and I will be checking on internet to see what practical options I do have. 




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  1. I really like this post. I think it’s good to try and reduce our waste and it sounds like you are doing all the right things. I’m in a constant battle with plastic bags. I have so many!

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    1. thank you! shopping bags are nauseating. they grow literally every week, some of them if left for long times even disintegrate and clutter everywhere, I am happy to finally take control of this 🙂


  2. My husband took a large garbage can…drilled holes around the circumference and we use it for composting. We bungee cord the lid on it to keep,critters out and it is easy to roll around once a week to unsettle the contents. Is this a possibility. We use an old cat litter container placed in the garage to hold the scraps and vegetation then pour it into the larger garbage can once a week.

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    1. i can start like this I guess. there is even a center here that gives away free compost bins. But my chances of starting this process is more likely if I follow your foot steps. all I have to do is to put it in my “to-do” list.

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