let me end this unfrugal spending scheme

I have made more expenses in the last three weeks than any other time since the new year. I possibly spent 3X of my regular allowance. This does not feel good. Most of the expenses are for junk stuff and cab rides while I was trying to keep my head over work and work issues. Throw in a social and hosting two dinners (one last weekend, one tomorrow) and you can get the idea.

I am determined to pay this mortgage off in the next 6 years. This means I am reducing the time into half. I must and can save more while I have a salary. This must be my priority.

From tomorrow on, I will be on shopping ban; no thrift store or other purchases till October, unless absolutely needed. I will not buy any furniture or clothes, either. Absolutely no cab rides!! I will have my hair done, though, since I am transitioning to gray now. The journey has started and will be completed. I do not expect socials either. At least I will not be inviting over anyone. Well, maybe a couple with lovely kids. We will see.

The only purchases acceptable are:

  • baking items (I will need bread flour and whole wheat flour soon)
  • veggies and fruits
  • milk and yogurt
  • eggs and occasional meat products
  • personal hygiene products

I also am going to do another pantry challenge and focus on consuming the food I already have before filling my pantry, freezer, and fridge again. That will be exciting and I am really looking forward to this.

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  1. Best of luck. As a supply teacher, I get no paycheque for 3 mos during the summer … 2 mos down, another month to go, so I know the stress of trying to resist spending extra cash. And I have needed new clothes for 2 YEARS now. I spent twice my allotted budget and it’s not even the middle of the month. 😦

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    1. I think i is not realistic to assume that we will be able o keep up with our budget… it is quite restraining time o time. Honestly I love not “caring” about money time to time. it should now be, and is not, the most important thing. Yet it is important. I resent it when I waste it (like taking a cab rather than the bus), but if needed I am okay with it (like the socials or dinners for friends). Your situation is really weird; sounds like a contract job. I hope they are paying a decent salary and good benefits.

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      1. Supply/substitute teachers get called in for the day or a half day as required. We get paid only when we work and have to budget during the school year from our paycheques for the times school is closed ie 2 weeks for Christmas, 1 week March break and 2 mos of summer. With pays every 2 weeks, you end up getting paid about 4 weeks after your first work day of the year, which is, hopefully early in September. No benefits at all. The govt negotiated a ruinous contract with the contract teachers and we supply teachers were hit hard. For the last 4 yrs, I’ve worked about 2/3 of my usual time. It’s bad.

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        1. that is very unfortunate… education and teachers have such an important roles in life.. we select the governments and trust them so that they can do well, but this is one area that they usually do not deliver.. hang in there! hopefully things will get better 🙂

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