The curious case of…. eating placenta

I wonder why anyone would eat a part of their (or some other new mom’s) body? Is it a cultural practice?

I am curious to hear opinion from all sides; please feel free to comment. 

8 thoughts on “The curious case of…. eating placenta

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  1. This never crossed my mind – granted my babies are now 28 and 30. Our oldest daughter is pregnant. I asked her if she was planning on doing this. Her response “Why would I do that?? I’ll just keep taking my prenatal vitamin and extra iron.” Guess she thinks it is unnecessary. (she does have a PhD in Biology so I’m assuming she has given it some thought from a scientific aspect.)

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    1. i am curious really. I read articles suggesting that it is nutritious and may help with post-portem depression. some animals do it in order to conceal their whereabouts and to protect their newborn from predators. This makes sense to me. I wonder whether it is an evolutionary trait of mammalians…

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  2. I know it has something to do with the iron in it or something..However, I just can’t justify something like that to myself tbh. Makes me a bit sick to think about, honestly haha

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    1. sorry about that. I am grossed a little bit myself thinking about a body part being eaten… I respect cultural practices as long as they are safe and does not hurt anyone. and I am kind of curious how or whether this is related to what we see in some other mammalian species. life is full of interesting things! 🙂


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