Happy sourdough bread!


Here is today’s sourdough bread with a happy, happy, happy face! 🙂

It will be gifted to a colleague of mine, who gave me a ride this weekend – hope they will like it 🙂

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  1. I really need to start a new sourdough culture soon: I was ill with ME/CFS all last year, so my culture sadly died. I love making and eating sourdough, though. A photograph of one of my efforts has actually been used on the local mill’s website, because I used their flour and sent them a photo of the results 🙂

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    1. awwe – what a great feeling it must be to have your photo being published! I have started my tarter last year and killed twice a long the way. luckily I have had dried flakes, which helped me to resurrect my sourdough starter. wishing you the best with the new one and consider drying it just in case 🙂 best.

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      1. Thanks! I wish I’d thought to freeze the culture I had; I’ll know for next time! I usually make it from flour and water, but since this fermented Swedish vegetable thing I do involves peeled apples, I’m going to investigate how to use apple peelings to create one too 🙂

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