when I do not have cash I figured I cannot spend it

Since July I have had all the excuses (rightfully mostly, but still excuses) to spend money and pamper myself; take the cab, buy and eat junk food, etc.

I was sorry for leaving my wonderful frugal life style, but at the same time I also enjoyed spending money. I always thought the next week, the next day, after this deadline or the other I would comeback to my regular budget. And sometimes I have done this, too. But only transiently.

Yesterday it finally occurred to me that I could not save enough to make an extra 5K pre-payment to my mortgage by the end of December…. I have planned for this for a year….It was a sad moment….

It still is……



So, I asked myself;

Well, how much can I pay?

3K at most and this is if I stop spending on unnecessary things and start being frugal right away.Β 

And how do I enforce this?

By making 2K as a pre-payment right away.

Now I have no extra cash in my chequing account – I cannot spend money.


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6 thoughts on “when I do not have cash I figured I cannot spend it

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    1. right πŸ™‚ but I am worried about retirement.. that is why I save money. I started earning and investing late in my life πŸ™‚ I love taking the cab but I love walking or taking the bus when I can do πŸ™‚ so it is not a huge sacrifice all the time (aka I am not miserable πŸ™‚ only cautious )


  1. the extra $5K, was this payment a personal goal to help you pay the mortgage down more quickly? That had to be a hard decision with the Holidays here. Trying to find balance is a daily task (at least for me it is).

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    1. yes it was a personal goal. I have made small prepayments during the year and was aiming for one big chunk before the end of the year. I cannot make it, but I will make whatever I can like 3K prepayment. I think aiming high helps me to get close to it as much as possible, even though it may be frustrating not reaching the aim πŸ™‚ I am looking from the positive side :)))))

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  2. Excellent strategy! I start off my month putting 250 in my savings account before I can spend it, then at the end of the month, I transfer what I didn’t spend in the month so every month I start fresh. It’s amazing how much money I save doing this. Oh…those little games we play with ourself!

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