#3 topic for reflection during holidays

Being more assertive is my #3 topic to tackle this year during my reflection season, aka, holiday season.

As I age I found that I got more understanding and tolerant. While these are great qualities, they are not always great. Sometimes we must sit back, evaluate, and then say no. Whether it is our own ego’s or somebody else’s request, it does not matter. 

This past year particularly I have had a number of experiences with my colleagues and work-place management where I was literally taken advantage of and burdened with extra work and ridiculous requests. Since winter I have been distancing myself from such a colleague and I still need to handle another one. Also, for some time now I have been asking questions and not saying yes to everything my management asks me to do. Hear me my fellow bloggers and do not sign anything before you absolutely sure to understand. There is so much sneaky management tricks that may fool you, especially if you are like me and tend to trust. Consult your union, knowledgeable people around you, or a lawyer. This is real.

So I have had some progress in this area and I know that I will keep going until all becomes manageable. There is more to be learnt and I am looking forward to it.


6 thoughts on “#3 topic for reflection during holidays

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    1. yes, my point is that before saying anything (yes or no) consult. I have a situation at my hand that will break things for me. union is no overly helpful, organization is pressing, and I am not convinced, so will likely either let it go and swallow things or continue with legal consultation. it is such a weird situation. we must accept that not all documents are equal and sometimes you may be tricked because the language of the documents may not be familiar to you, or things may have changed without you notice things. Next weeks will show. I trust life 🙂

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      1. No….it’s not healthy. Since I’m retired and have relatively little pressure I find my bottling takes much longer to fill although missing that little detail of why I bottle is the real deal!

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        1. hah ha 🙂 I am sure we are not the only one feeling this way. I know many people who would snap back at everything and keep their “bottle” less pressurized. I also know people like myself who for some reason treasure and keep that bottle :))))

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