good neighbours

My next door neighbours are the best I have ever encountered in my life – it is a couple at 60s and young son at around 30 years of age. I have seen nothing but help and kindness from them. They are also the only people that I consistently and lovingly gift during the holidays. Considering the fact that I am not into gifting at all, you may rightfully realize that they must have deserved this somehow. And they do.

After the snow storm yesterday I took my time to enjoy my coffee and go through the emails. I then decided it was the time for the dreaded shoveling of the front door area. My neighbor was out and had already done my door! This is not the firsts time she does that – she says she loves shoveling, which is an extra exercise for her. For a women in her 60s, this is amazing.

I helped her moving the snow at around her vehicle and we chat along the way. The neighbour from across the street also mowed the snow around our houses. We had a little chat and said thanks.Β The white stuff brings sometime the best out of people.

Snow storms may be a nauseating experience, but the feeling after this out there shoveling, chatting, and having a laughter or two is priceless. I love this feeling of being a part of helpful neighbourhood.

Wishing everyone a great neighbourhood! πŸ™‚

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  1. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. The lady four doors down from us minds the Cat for us when we go away and she always has time for a chat. The lady next door to us on the other side we don’t see so much as she works a lot, but she’s very friendly.

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    1. πŸ™‚ we are a lucky bunch I guess. I know many horrific neighbour stories where people’s lives become a nightmare πŸ™‚ I must say I am more friendly with my neighbours after this experience. I am not the social type but being friendly to a neighbour may mean a lot!


  2. You’re lucky to have such good neighbours. I only have one on my left (there’s an auto shop on the right) and though they’re nice people and I could go over in an emergency for help and have, we don’t talk/chat or visit otherwise.

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    1. I am lucky indeed. my other neighbours on the other side were also nice, but we hardly interacted. I think they moved out. my good neighbours have been here for a very long time and I think for them neighbours are important (i often hear from them about other lovely people around and not so great ones down the street πŸ™‚

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