Happy new year to who?

I have been very fond of my friends and teachers/mentors and every Dec 31st, I would send a short but personalized email to each one of them to express good wishes for the coming year.

I stopped doing this last year. Last year I wanted to see who would email me before I email them. Only one friend of mine and a previous mentor of mine did this. These people deserve the best.

I was frustrated with the rest and this year too I am not going to send my traditional happy new years emails. I want to see who would take their time, remember me, and send me good vibes. I am not very hopeful, but who knows maybe one or two people will be doing it. If not, my motto will be “Let’s declutter that part of life, too“.

The other two, on the other hand, have been emailed or will be emailed tonite. They have a special place in my heart.

And to you all out there, I do not know you personally but I am extending what I would say to my family – Happy New Year! May 2018 be an exceptional year with lots of positive vibes, memories, and experiences. Live it to the end and live it to the fullest!

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7 thoughts on “Happy new year to who?

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  1. As odd as it may sound, my family, my wife and I that is, stopped doing Christmas and NewYears cards a while back. Heck, Valentines cards a long time ago.

    Why? We are both empaths, and sense the superficial already in so many ways, so superficial greetings to mark a time of the year got to where it meant nothing to get and perhaps nothing to give. It was little more than an expectation.

    We seem to operate in the spontaneous. If something happens in the course of life worth being marked, I still give a card. It is usually on some random day for some random reason, but it means something. As for me and my little fam, I guess that is all we care about.

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  2. Happy New Year!! I used to send out tons of cards and got tons of cards in return. One year, I was sick or something and didn’t get them out and the next year, I hardly got any. I was really sad! I missed one year and all those people stopped sending them.

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    1. I would think they still would send you cards. argh…. people expect things and do not forget I think (or forget pretty fast). But this is how I sort loyal/sincere friends and others; loyal friends always remember you and will keep contacting and cherishing you no matter what. So do not worry – I am sure you have great friends and family members that show their care for you, with cards or without cards. Happy 2018!

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