all the good things – check

  • sleeping well and long, and seeing my dad in one of my dreams – may he rest in peace – check
  • having my favorite breakfast with tomato, sourdough bread, and coffee – check
  • walking in the yard and seeing a number of bulbs I planted in the Fall sprouting – check 🙂
  • working on a new report and almost finishing it – check
  • pulling a muscle or somehow aggravating my sciatica – not check! But it has been a much manageable episode so far, and my pain and muscle relaxants were around and effective – so let’s check this one too 🙂
  • baking a meat pie and enjoying it – check
  • drinking fresh, frothy, and tasty kefir – check
  • watching a series that makes me laugh – check
  • having the day off – check
  • realizing that my sciatica is turning into a chronic problem, unless I take better care of my back and strengthen my core with the exercises given to me. I should also be careful in my movements. This one came without any warning, like the previous ones. It starts usually when I try to pick something from the floor. This must be something I must particularly be careful about. Also, no matter what I must keep having medications available so that I can manage this better. Being aware – check!
  • having almost no work-related stress – check 🙂
  • having a good weather and feeling the Spring – check
  • being excited about the lives in my yard and planing to plant more flowers and bulbs next year – check

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10 thoughts on “all the good things – check

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      1. I used to work as a carpenter and wore a thick and heavy belt on my tool bag. My left leg would almost go numb after an hour or two and pain would constantly shoot down my leg. I loosened the belt and put shoulder straps on the tool bag and that seemed to fix it. I also began wearing thinner belts which don’t seem to bother me.

        It is basically because of a pinched nerve in the lower spine. I haven’t noticed it lately, so with a little care, I suppose it is capable of healing.

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            1. I used to train in weight lifting and I know a belt would help support my back. because of this experience I had thought about wearing one before you mentioned – so no worries. I am not sure whether I can wear it all the time, but for now it feels good and I will keep it on as long as I do experience or feel a benefit of it. I have an inch thick one on right now, nothing fancy 🙂

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