very random thoughts

I have hardly anything to write about in my mind right now, but who knows what the next minutes will tell. So, here I go.

I am having another episode of high-focus work and as such am highly irritable and somehow easily bored and agitated. The last weekend I went to shopping twice and while it made me feel good, my bank account is not doing well.

As a matter of fact, when compared to last year I am spending much more and the truth is that I find all bunch of excuses to do so. How is this serving me, I am not sure. At one hand, I have instant gratitude by taking the cab (rather than walking or taking the bus) and by eating junk food. On the other hand, I am hardly grateful for these and rather feel sorry about not keeping my money. It is a dilemma that I have experienced many times and I am sure I am not the only one.

My relationship with money has been always interesting. I am known to be able to save money since my childhood. It makes me feel good and more secure. I keep a simple and modest life. I am not into material. The money I spend on cab or junk food is not high; under different conditions I could as well be spending the money on a car and its maintenance. So, what is the problem?

Problem is that if I want it, I can cut out these expenses quite efficiently.

My problem is my own preferences, which are often getting expensive when stressed or need to work really hard.

My significant problem would be home-ownership and the mortgage and other expenses coming with it. It is a significant portion of my income.

My other problem would be the bad economy that is eating up our incomes with extra taxes.

My most significant problem would be that I started saving for my retirement quite late in life and as such whatever I can save right now is golden for later.

My problem is with myself and how I feel about money, the comfort it brings and the comfort I may not get in the future as a result of spending it today.

It would be so nice if we all have had universal income. Or go back in time to my youth and make better career choices.

Whatever you do, my friends, try to save and invest as soon as you make money.




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  1. It’s not whether we have money or not, spend it or save it, but whether or not we are connected to our Higher Self when we do what we do. If Source is the source of our decisions, no fear, and everything is going to turn out just fine.

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    1. interesting and valuable point of view. Instead of blaming myself for not being frugal, why do I not just look at the benefits of this spending episode? mental relief, comfort in my life, and realizing again and again it is only transient and my true inner self desires temporarily conflicting behavior. it is all gonna be fine, maybe not as soon as I want it to be, but sometime. all is well πŸ™‚

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                1. hah ha! duality in unity :)))))) talking about duality, having an option and possibility of “the other” side may give hope and take things differently. the mirror reflection is strange – it may be the same person, but only the one looking at it can see the other πŸ™‚

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  2. Interesting read…………I so wish I could go back and give my much younger self some advice on money…………save it, life goes by very quickly and you never know what is going to happen.

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