when body is happy, mind is happy too

It has been a fine day.

I woke up thinking that if my body is happy, my mood is happy too.

I am saying this because I am actually very lazy in the mornings and while I need to use the washroom, say in the middle of the night, I keep staying in the bed, cannot easily sleep as a result because my body feels uncomfortable. Ouch..

So this morning around 5am, I did what I was supposed to do and went back to bed and had a great resting sleep.

Tell me about it 🙂

I believe that my thoughts help determine my mood, but noticing that when my body feels good, my mind feels good too was a great revelation. I am almost 50 but hey wisdom waits for the right time to come I guess…

I could relate this to two other activities; walking in the morning makes me feel great the whole day and if I force myself to smile then I feel instantly good too. Go figure!

Ladies and gents; do you have such interesting body-mood connections yourself?

Tell us in the comment section so that we all can learn from each other.

4 thoughts on “when body is happy, mind is happy too

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  1. Kind of similar… Body temperature. If I feel too cold or too hot, it’s just harder and less enjoyable to do anything. But if I take off my socks to cool down or put on a sweater to get warmer, then I feel much better.

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    1. you ar eright about that! I have the same experience. I like to sleep in cold rooms (say 17 C) but other than that I thrive around 21-22 C during the day. if my feet are cold, I must warm them up right away to instantly feel good 🙂 thanks for reminding me!


  2. Nature walks always help me feel great. I can have the weight of the world on my shoulders when I walk into the woods, but I come out feeling like I am going to be okay. Music also has a positive impact on me, it can transform how I feel.

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    1. how lovely! I have a a little forest around my work place and when I walked in it this is exactly how I feel – relaxed, relieved, and in connection with the bigger life around me 🙂 Music is yet another one (just like comedy movies) when chosen correctly I too believe that it feeds my soul and soothes my mind. thanks for sharing!

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