coronavirus COVID-19

Well. I do not know what to think or feel about this viral endemic (or is it pandemic now?).

I am in a kind of isolated place and my province has no diagnosed cases yet, so I do not think we feel the heat of this virus and what it does to infected individuals. Naive? Silly? Ignorant?

I do not know what I am, but I am getting scared. Have you heard that the entire Italy is now in lock-down and first death from COVID-19 from Canada has been reported today. I read a news yesterday talking about a young physician getting infected and rapidly deteriorating, which made it even more scary for me. As we all want to think that if we are young enough and without serious health conditions, or with the help of the healthcare (hello? In the case of an endemic, finding a hospital bed can be so hectic), we can heal a viral infection. Naive?

I think in this case, yes I am naive to think so.

I am scared friends, for not only myself but everyone else in the world.

Here are some recommendations by Public Health Canada – have a look to get informed and be prepared.

Stay safe.

In solidarity.

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  1. I think this is a good time to keep calm and carry on. I am taking extra precautions with disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers, but otherwise I am out and about as usual. The situation is more worrying here in San Jose California, but we should all be aware of the advice from the experts.

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