COVID-19 Day 3

Sunday is here!

Friends; I continued my day as usual; baked my sourdough (my goodness; can something smell better?), did some work on computer, planned for my week (yes, we are still working), made two jars of pickles (jalapeno and radish pickle), cooked food, and walked twice – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The roads are almost always empty with occasional cars and walking/jogging people. I question sometime whether I should still be out there.

I know my chances of getting the virus from those who are walking on the road is low, as I keep at least 2 meters of distance from anyone, but still; paranoia is paranoia and I tend to think conservative when it comes to serious things. Thoughts?

My plan for this evening and tonite is to chill back and enjoy my time as much as possible. My plan for tomorrow is to get up early – as usual – put my work attire on (it helps to work at home!), attend two remote meetings, and do work that has been on my list. I also want to walk twice again; one in the morning and one in the afternoon to keep my body engaged and get fresh air and sunlight.

Have a great Sunday evening everyone. Wherever you are I hope you are safe, washing your hands, staying away from people, gatherings, and social functions, and taking great care of yourself and others around you.




5 thoughts on “COVID-19 Day 3

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  1. I haven’t had real clothes on for over a week! Thankfully, I’m not having to “work” at this point. I also haven’t left our house/yard in the week either. I totally get the paranoia. I don’t want to get this thing any sooner than I have to. I’m hoping I make it until the vaccine is available. Hopefully I’m “elderly” enough to qualify earlier rather than later.

    I was wondering when you would make a loaf! John started a new batch of sourdough starter last week. I think he plans to make some bread soon!

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    1. :))) this gives me hope!good luck with the sourdough starter – I am sure it is gonna be bubbling and smelling gorgeous any day now. My new interest is muffins, which I have never tried. Hope to find an easy recipe to try. cannot wait!
      stay safe, now and tomorrow and the day after that. Until we get the vaccine or anti-viral drug – whatever will work against this virus

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  2. We are staying home. I started a part time job last Monday and by Friday, I knew that the business would be closed down by the beginning of next week. The larger metro areas of Kansas City are taking this seriously. Only essential services are open. Everyone else required to quarantine. It’s good. MIT needs to be done!

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