COVID-19 Day 5

Can’t believe it is the 5th day.

I worked today from home, but nothing too exciting. One remote meeting, some emails, and a couple of correspondences. It was not one of those days where I would focus on something and significantly  move things. That is okay.

On the positive side; I received a couple of appreciation emails and it really made me feel great. Good vibes are amazing! Send some good vibes to others, friends.


On the personal side:

Interesting that I sleep well and long. This break is working for me 🙂

I cook and eat healthy food. Nevertheless, the slight weight gain is obvious and concerning…. Oh, well 🙂

I walked twice again today. In the morning I took a long walk, around an hour. It was good. We have a cool but bright day. I have seen more people walking today than before. Some people make an effort to keep around 2 meters distance between themselves and others. The majority do not. I try hard to keep this distance. Maybe as time goes on, more people will pick it up.

I saw people lining up at around a church, which I believe is soup kitchen or something. It broke my heart to see so many people lining up, and so many people in close distance to each other. Once this virus spreads to less fortunate, you know it affects them more drastically. Prayers and good wishes are on.

My stress levels are low and it is a good thing.

How long do you think we will continue like this?

Wherever you are; stay safe and well, my friends.


7 thoughts on “COVID-19 Day 5

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  1. We have a “Safer at Home” order now but I don’t know if it will do much good. A lot of people are still going to work. Anyways, it’s going until April 24th! That’s a long time!!

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  2. We are “Safer at Home” ordered with no end date at this time. We are out of school/work until the end of April at this time. I think this is going to last until June. (What do I “win” if I’m correct??) Based on the data from China, Italy, and New York, June might be the earliest we get some return to normal.

    Glad this break is a positive for your stress levels!

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  3. Since I got back from California I had gone for a couple of walks around the neighbourhood but today discovered that I am not allowed even that small pleasure. Ah well. I’ve been in isolation for five days now. Just nine more to go.

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    1. it is gonna pass and you will be off the isolation soon! 🙂 I love walking, more so now, possibly because I should rather stay inside. this pandemic teaches me a lot of things about myself and how I approach life. Take great care of yourself

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