COVID-19 Day 6 (March 25th)

Cannot believe that it is the 6th day away from office and in the house (mostly).

We had a kind of rainy/snowy day. As a result walking was kind of not fun, but still okay. I walked twice for short distances, worked in between, and stopped working at around 4 pm. Works is going extremely productive, for which I am grateful. Lack of distractions works for me 🙂

On the personal side; I cooked healthy food but ate a lot. The weight gain is immediate…

My stress levels continue to be low and I can sleep long and deep.

The pandemic is catching up where I am and it is scary. I think the worst is yet to come. Are we prepared?

Am I prepared?

Are you? I hope we all are well prepared.

This feels like a Zombie attack sometime.


6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Day 6 (March 25th)

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  1. None of us were really prepared for this but, by and large, I think we are all responding brilliantly! We don’t like it but we’ll isolate ourselves because that is what it takes to get through this. And, ultimately, we care about each other.

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    1. It is getting better, you are right people started to care. But still when you hear a story of someone infecting 40 others, or someone dying from this disease, it makes it hard to feel prepared. I am also concerned that now it reached developing countries, where the outcome is predicted to be worse. BUT the world is also more experienced in dealing with this disease. so I take this as a positive and hopeful outlook 🙂

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  2. It’s getting worse here every day. I get so frustrated with people who act like it’s almost over and they compare it to other things going on. But this has only just begun here and it’s going to get much worse.

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