COVID-19 (April 9)

It has been a bright day with a beautiful blue sky… Under different conditions, we would have been jumping up and down with excitement. Alas. We have a pandemic to go through this Spring (and beyond).

Despite the negative air it carries with itself, we must find ways to appreciate and love the life we are having right now. It is possibly the best day and best life we can have compared to what we will have in the next while. It is true – we may get sick, we may get more isolated, we may experience financial hardship, and we may lose loved ones. But today we are okay. Let’s appreciate this for a moment or two.

Tomorrow will mark the 3rd week of self-isolation, working mostly from home. 3 weeks – can you imagine?

I think we are doing it. I think we get used to this new life. I think we adapt to it better than we thought we would.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “COVID-19 (April 9)

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  1. Now that I can go out for walks, and now that I know I can get groceries as needed, I’m ok with this. I can do this for a long time so long as I have wifi.

    I did think about making masks but I couldn’t find any of the fabric or elastic available online, so I order some from Etsy instead. Regular sewers are using their stock of sewing supplies and I’m happy to leave them to it.

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    1. you are right wifi is so important. all my work, entertainment, communications and information needs need internet. I too can go on like this as long as i keep my job and have income. I hear you re; masks. I have fabric and a sewing machine, but I am too lazy to design, cut, and sew them. I have seen those that do not require sewing (like in that youtube video on the post) and I am happy trying them 🙂

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  2. I tell myself that at least once a day… Right this minute, I’m okay.

    Things here are getting weirder by the minute. The news is always conflicting. People aren’t sure what to do. Everyone loves it and hates it all at the same time.

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    1. agreed. it is hard to understand the future projections as well; one minute they say we will be okay at the end of summer, the next moment they say no, not till we have a vaccine… it is getting hard to keep positive, but we must. I am trying… as you said Right this minute, we are okay. stay safe, my friend

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