do you have fun in life?

I was reading a book and I came across a question it asked: Do you have fun with your life?

A STUNNING question.

My answer was no and it was weird, very weird. Why do I not have fun in life??

Because of my ridiculous focus on work in a highly competitive environment, overloaded work, and working with fear rather than enthusiasm.

I do not know when I stopped having fun…. Must be a long time…

Was it worth it? Job I mean.

I know why I work so hard – one part because I enjoy it and one part because I need my job and the security it brings.


Do you have fun with your life?


8 thoughts on “do you have fun in life?

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  1. I try to find magical moments throughout the day and enjoy it to its greatest extent………a sunset, a happy dog, a joke, a hug from a family member, a song, a good movie……….I hope today brings you a smile. 🙂

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  2. I remember reading a book awhile back and it talked about “play.” Similar to having fun, it was asking if you take time to play? Kids love playing and wouldn’t let anything stop them from playing but as an adult we seem to lose that. We stop playing and stop doing things just for fun. But once we realize that, we can start changing!!!

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    1. exactly. I wonder though – being the pessimistic self – whether I have forgotten how to play. Maybe I can think about an adventure. Something new. Excitement. Fun. Laughter. Fell good. yep – these are what seem like fun and play


  3. I totally get the when question you posed. We get so wrapped up in our day to day grind that we forget how to have fun but also let it gradually slip away.

    Somebody mentioned laughter. I teach middle school. Every day I come home with a story that we get to laugh about – rarely in front of the students because that would be inappropriate! Sometimes things happen and my hubby can’t believe it! Now that we are distant/virtual teaching, those moments are gone. We’ve turned to comedies and reality-type shows to get a good laugh every day. Now that we have more “free” time at home, the laughter seems to last longer – guess that is a good thing.

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