Today I am angry.

It is as if there is a huge rock on my chest that makes it difficult. Like I am carrying a lot of weight around. What is going on?

I am angry with all the people who conveniently leave their work on me and pretend like themselves are great and successful.

I swear to something – if they ever come close to me again!!!

I want to resign again, but should not. First of all, what am I gonna do without a job during a global pandemic? Second of all, why do I leave my post but not those assholes?

I have had it enough.

They make me sick.



All bunch of them.

Get the fuck out of my life and work.


12 thoughts on “anger

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    1. thank you for your comment. I think it is something that I am expected to deal with. it is tricky but every once a while we face some people who just think that by doing minimum they will just fly high. perhaps their previous work place was like this and okay with their performance. who knows? it is just annoying


      1. I’ve worked with some horrible people and I’ve also worked with some great people. It’s tough and companies can be so different, too. I would recommend just be as kind as you can but also be honest and say what you need to say sometimes. Don’t point fingers or blame people but share your side of it when you need to!

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        1. excellent points. I think I am good at being honest but I am not good at showing my side so much. I would expect people to behave responsible, but I think this is where I am mistaken. 🙂


  1. I would be inclined to BCC in your manager in any emails with these individuals from now on, and pointedly ask them, in writing, if they meant for you to do their work for them (rephrased to a very corporate style, of course).

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      1. Ah of course, if talking to them helps then go for it. It’s just (unfortunately) my experience that anything that isn’t in writing can be ignored and/or denied ><

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