random night thoughts

It is a peaceful evening. I am just cooling down after an exciting work day. Very enjoyable.

I had an early hour meeting with a group of colleagues from another organization. It is the first time that we met, in order to speak about our common interests. Goodness knows that I had not prepared what I was going to talk in this meeting until an hour before it started (I was one of the leaders in the committee and the person who initiated this contact). Can you imagine?

I did not, either!!

But I do not know what happened that my usual cautious and well-prepared self did not care or even think about this meeting. A very mysterious reason that I am deeply curious about.

When I woke up this morning, I thought “let’s materialize the reasons for this contact, what we would like to ask and hear from them, and what we want to say in turn”. Well, I am glad I have come up with this idea, as in 40 min, I had a good plan, which I presented verbally.

It worked. We clicked. I left the meeting feeling victorious.

This is one of the rare and recent examples of me doing things spontaneously and succeeding in it.


Being a control freak and preparing everything days or weeks before is not necessary, it seems. I am on my way to become more effective and wasting less time worrying on things and my performance 🙂

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