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The cool fall is upon us. It is very enjoyable. We can expect some snow in mid November. This will change the game to hibernation season 🙂 Our winter is long and we get too much snow dumped. But, life continues and eventually Spring comes.

I have had a busy week. the more I try to focus on important things, the more small, urgent stuff appeared. That meant in some cases I did not get perfectionist and sent my letters/emails at around 90% perfectness. Acceptable, isn’t it?

It is.

I also, for the first time in a very long time, did not fill feedback forms I was supposed to, to help my unit’s assessment and future plans. Rather, I sent a short email with my main points. I will let the administrative staff to use my email to communicate to others.

You may ask yourself “What is the deal with these two examples?“. Well, I used to follow all directions meticulously and put my best mind forward. Sometimes, it is too tiring and requires too much of my time and energy. While I have energy, my time is getting less and less available with each big steps I want to take. So, to save my time for what matters most to me, I had to change things and how I operate.

I am proud of myself. The change and deviation from my usual work practice is little, took me a long time to implement, but I made it eventually.


I have been thinking about love and fear. When I feel dependency or attention, I get scared. I get distant.

I have been extremely interested in my freedom. It works wonders for me and I love this life-style. I do not need to care for someone, or cook. I could not make a mother, to be honest. This is how I feel. But, sometimes, it feels okay to care for something, a cat for example, and provide love & safety. Even though it restricts my freedom. Loving a wonderful creature should not create fear. It should create excitement.

This is how I finally convinced myself and decided to foster a beautiful kitty, Mona, yesterday 🙂

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    1. very well :))) unbelievable. she is a young kitty just spayed. very gentle, quiet. lots of head-butts and purrs. an incredible joy to be having such a pleasant experience. She is happy here as well; does not hide, does not scratch, does chew anything. honestly whoever is going to adopt her is looking for a sweet, sweet experience 🙂

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      1. Yay!! She sounds like a sweetie!! I’m glad to hear that’s it’s going great😊😺. I wonder how long it will be before someone adopts her. Did they give you an average amount of time it takes to adopt them out?

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        1. not really, and I was okay until I take a trip (at least 6 months from now). But they called me today and said that there is someone interested in – would you talk to them about Mona? Of course, I can! and I have so many great things to say about her. I hope it will be an awesome, stable home for her.

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