It is Friday

Happy Friday, folks

I have had relax and somehow un-busy two weeks since the start of the year. I kind of find this strange, considering my often quite busy schedule. Perhaps this is a good thing.

For example, this afternoon I was able to clean my home in between meetings. I now partition my cleaning, with vacuuming both floors and cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms happening at different times during the day. Since I am fostering a lovely cat, vacuuming the floors and carpets as well as the floor of the litter room (aka my guest bathroom) has become routine. I also bought an additional vacuum so that I do not carry vacuum in between the storeys. Life is much easier this way and cleaning is not overwhelming so much.

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My foster cat Mona needs some medications and it has been quite a hurdle, to be honest. I got liquid medication to squirt into her mouth, which I could not. I then mixed them with her wet food, which she refused to eat. Then, we got pills for one of them and pill pockets. Again, she refused. Tonite I will be trying to cover the pill with cheese and follow with a treat. I hope for the best. The next solution is likely asking her to be cared by someone else during the next two weeks till her medications are administered completely.

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I gotta read and learn quite a bit about different ways to give medication. Some pills can be crushed, others cannot. The best way seems to be administer orally by syringe or putting the pill behind the tongue, yet that requires someone who has got the confidence. I do not have that. Mona senses that I am tense and gets even more tense, so trying to hold her, opening her mouth and placing the medications seem a very distant dream to me. Perhaps with some sort of help by another person, I could get to learn how to administer medications, but this will have to wait till the end of the pandemic.

How is your pandemic going on, by the way? We are still working from home and we are quite safe where I live – the case load is low and I could not be happier. I still dream for the day that I will get the vaccination, though. And I hope my family will get it soon as well. It is so surreal… This entire ordeal… I now know 3 close relatives or friends who contracted the virus. Most were okay, but one of them needed hospitalization. It is so scary to know and experience this. Please be safe, friends, and keep practicing the public health measures.

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I am looking forward to a fresh day tomorrow when I would like to just chill down. Honestly, un-busy or not, there is so much out there in life to experience and learn that I appreciate any day without the pressure of work. I hope you too will have a great, relaxing Saturday.

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  1. Happy weekend to you too!! One of my cats has a bad tooth infection and has been on an awful medication for the past month. It wasn’t so bad the first couple weeks but now he’s getting downright angry when we try to give it to him. I feel so bad for him because it’s awful tasting. And now he tries to get away. Poor kitties!

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  2. Happy Friday ^_^
    Yes, this is what I’ve managed to do as well – between meetings and bouts of work, I have time to do other things like fold the laundry or wipe a shelf down.

    Regarding medicine, thankfully the Cat has only needed her worm meds so we hide that in some nice food. My mother’s cat was ill and she needed 7 days of antibiotics twice a day – in the end I had to just catch her, hold her in a towel and then squirt it into her mouth. I felt terrible doing so but I had to for her sake. I managed to give her all the meds she needed but towards the end of it it was clear she didn’t trust me, as she would eye me up every time I entered the room.

    I am still working from home and will be for the foreseeable future I think esp. as they needed our office for study spaces for the students, so we don’t have a location to return to as of yet.
    We have stayed healthy but know several people in our extended family and friends who have had it and been ill. One lady (unwisely) chose to meet with her family indoors and stayed overnight and has now tested positive. She’s not very well at all but because they are really struggling for space at the hospital, they sent her home with a device to measure her saturation and the doctor calls her several times a day to check what her oxygen levels are.

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    1. so sorry to hear the health problem of your loved ones…the entire thing is so surreal… you do not think you can catch it, yet some do, and it feels like a lottery, but in a bad way…. I am sure a lot of people have made the unfortunate choice to socialize.. I wish her speedy recovery

      You have done so well with the cat! I was not able to wrap her in a towel, or squirt in the medicine. I just am not made for this, I guess. So, so well done!!

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