I am speaking

Recently I used these words to stop someone, who kept interrupting me during a conversation.

I immediately felt pride in for standing up for this behavior we often experience during professional meetings.

Later, I felt remorse because I was like “what if I interrupt others while they are speaking?”

I do not know the answer to that, but I sure will watch myself in the next while. If I do interrupt anyone, I should stand back.

I learn these words from someone else. That was the first time I had heard them and I thought they were much powerful than saying “Let me finish”, or “Do you mind if I continue”, or “Can I finish my words?”

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “I am speaking

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    1. It is. I learnt it from a male and used to stand up to a female. I would do it for a male too. It is necessary to keep some sort of self-respect and dignity. It was not easy and I had to prepare myself for a long time to use these words, but I am glad I have. I will also check my own behavior to see whether I interrupt others.. win=win

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